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Financial Aid Student Portal

The Financial Aid Student Portal lets you find out what you still need to do to complete the financial aid process, and it lets you view your awards and determine whether you have a check.

If you need help with the FAFSA/WASFA, contact our EOC Advisor at or call 253-583-8823.

Please have the following items with you to receive assistance:

  • Federal Student Aid ID username and password – create one here  Both student and parent must have one if you are a dependent student
  • 2019 1040 tax documents for yourself and/or parents 
  • Documentation of any untaxed income the household receives

Important Notes

  1. Your username is your social security number, not your student ID. Your password is the same pin you set up when registering for classes.
  2. If your birthday is between January and September, do not include the leading zero in the six-digit birth date. For example, if your birthday were March 29, 1971, you would enter 32971. 
  3. If you changed your registration pin from your birth date to a four-digit number, you will have to add a 0 to the beginning of the four-digit pin to access the Financial Aid Student Portal. For example, if your current pin number were 5371, to access the Financial Aid Student Portal you would enter 05371.

The FAFSA is only one piece of the application process.  All required items are shown in the Financial Aid Student Portal (e.g. Institutional Form, Verification Worksheet, IRS 1040 document, etc.) must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office no later than 5:00 pm on the priority processing deadline dates* listed below.

Please visit for more financial aid information.

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