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Tuition Assistance (TA)

Tuition Assistance (TA)

The Tuition Assistance (TA) Program provides financial assistance for voluntary off-duty civilian education programs in support of a Soldier's professional and personal self-development goals.

TA is a Public Law that is implemented by Department of Defense (DoD) Directive and DoD Instruction, and all Soldiers (officers, warrant officers, enlisted) on active duty, Army National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers on active duty (pursuant to U.S. Code Title 10 or Title 32), and TPU Soldiers are authorized to participate in the TA Program.

PLEASE NOTE: CPTC is not currently participating in the Blanket Exception to Policy Tuition Assistance. If you are waiting for your TA benefits to be processed and you are unable to pay your educational expenses out-of-pocket, please contact the CPTC Workforce Development office to determine if you qualify for assistance. 

For students who are eligible for Tuition Assistance (TA), below is the college process for utilizing this funding:

Step 1 - Meet with your TA case manager or JBLM military transition counselor to determine your program of choice. 
  • The TA case manager or JBLM military transition counselor should also determine if the student’s program of choice is eligible for TA funding. 
  • When applying for TA, prospective students are directed to receive approval from the TA case manager or JBLM military transition counselor prior to enrollment at the college. 
  • Once a student has met with the TA case manager or JBLM military transition counselor and received approval to enroll, they must provide documentation of approval to the CPTC Senior Funding Specialist in order to proceed with TA funding.
Step 2 - Complete the Clover Park Technical College Entry Services Process 
  • Upon completing the Entry Services Process at CPTC, you will receive an education plan for your program. 
  • The completed education plan should be given to the TA case manager or JBLM military transition counselor by the student for TA funding approval. 
  • If the education plan is approved by the TA case manager or JBLM military transition counselor, the student may register for classes at CPTC during the appropriate registration period.
Step 3 - Register for classes
  • Go to the MyCC page to learn how to register.
  • Contact the CPTC Advising and Counseling Office if you need assistance with registration.
  • Contact the CPTC Senior Funding Specialist ( to notify intent to use TA funding.
  • The CPTC Senior Funding Specialist will place a protection code on the student’s account to prevent a drop for non-payment while the TA funding is being processed.
Step 4 - Contact the CPTC Senior Funding Specialist to complete TA funding process with CPTC.
  • Email a PDF of your TA Voucher to CPTC Senior Funding Specialist (
  • The CPTC Senior Funding Specialist will verify all details of the voucher and ensure it matches your current schedule.
    PLEASE NOTE: If your schedule changes after you have sent it to the CPTC Senior Funding Specialist, you will need to notify and resend an updated schedule. 
  • The account for tuition (no fees) is set up for the students tuition based upon the voucher totals in the colleges accounting system.
    PLEASE NOTE: TA does not cover student fees. The student is required to pay the fees out of pocket or using other financial assistance to cover these costs.
  • At the appropriate time in the quarter, the CPTC Senior Funding Specialist invoices online the charges for student tuition through the ArmyIgnitED billing portal.
Step 5 - Notify your TA Case Manager or JBLM Military Transition Counselor
  • Provide a copy of their quarterly class schedule back to the TA case manager or JBLM military transition counselor.
  • The TA case manager or JBLM military transition counselor enters the student’s data from the schedule referencing the students class numbers, the dates of enrollment, the class name/number into the ArmyIgnitED (formerly GoArmyEd) website which should auto calculate the amount that the TA will pay.
  • This information is transmitted electronically for final approval and the preparation of the TA voucher. Student is contacted by internal military email by ArmyIgnitED that the voucher has been approved and is ready for them to print, or email to the CPTC Senior Funding Specialist.

CPTC Contacts Senior Funding Specialist
Amy Timmons
Building 17, Rm 103E

CPTC Entry Services Welcome Center
Building 17, Rm 101

CPTC Cashier’s Office

Clover Park Technical College does not employ high-pressure recruitment tactics. CPTC believes in a student’s choice to attend and offers several mechanisms for prospective students to receive information and options to aid in selecting their institution of choice. College policy denouncing the use of high-pressure recruitment tactics is forthcoming.

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