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A Better CPTC

CPTC values safety and security for staff, students, faculty and the broader community.

Each person on campus plays a vital role in creating a safe and productive work, and learning environment. Reporting of concerns helps CPTC to identify issues that may negatively impact the campus, and assists in continuous improvement.  

To facilitate a safe environment, we rely on the motto, "If you see something, say something."  All concerns can be reported by clicking on one of the buttons below and filling out a brief form. The form will be automatically sent to the appropriate person/office to respond and investigate the concern in a timely manner.

If a member of the CPTC community wishes to report an incident or concern, please click on the appropriate box below to fill out a referral form. The form will be routed to staff who will follow up on the concern.

In some circumstances, you may be given an option to set a password. This password is required to follow up on the submission. Please make a note of it and keep it safe.

Contact Information

Cristeen Crouchet, Dean of Student Success
Phone: 253-589-5895
Fax: 253-589-5750
Building 17, Room 105

Security - Non Emergency: 253-589-5557
Security - Emergency: 253-589-5682


To report a violation of CPTC’s Code of Conduct including Assault/Abuse, Weapons, Alcohol/Drugs, and others.



Academic Concern

To report an alleged violation of academic policy, procedure/regulation, inequitable treatment, or to submit a grade appeal.



Bias, Discrimination, Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, and Retaliation

To report incidents of harassment, discrimination, or bias.




To report a concern with campus safety or security.



Student Behavior (BIT)

To report that a student’s behavior appears to be harmful to self or others.




To report other concerns such as ethics, fraud, work conditions, FERPA, facilities, disability/ADA, financial aid, etc.



The Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities is an integral part of this effort and exists to promote a culture of responsibility and development among the students of CPTC. As a member of the CPTC community, students are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct, and local, state, and federal laws which govern appropriate behavior on campus to facilitate a productive learning environment.

The Student Rights and Responsibility Office provides a fair and equitable process for reviewing and responding to incidents. Failure to abide by the policies, rules, and regulations may result in disciplinary actions as outlined in the Code of Conduct.

Follow up on a submission.

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