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Completing the FAFSA

The Student Aid & Scholarships Office has partnered with the Metropolitan Development Council and the Education Opportunity Center (EOC) to provide assistance to our students to complete the FAFSA/WASFA.

Things EOC can assist with:

  • Get answers to your education-related questions.
  • Find and apply to a college program that is the best fit for you.
  • Explore career options through career assessments and career information resources.
  • Apply for financial aid to pay for college. (FAFSA application assistance).
  • Receive help paying for ACCUPLACER test and admissions application fees. (Income contingent).
  • Discover options for navigating student-loan default issues.

Please have the following items with you for your appointment:

  • Federal Student Aid ID username and password
    • If you don't have one yet, create your FAFSA ID at
      • Both student and parent must have a FAFSA ID if you are a dependent student.
  • W2's and 1040 tax documents for yourself and/or your parents
  • Documentation of any untaxed income the household receives

How to Log in to Fill Out the FAFSA

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