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Diversity Committee

Clover Park Technical College welcomes, values and respects the differences and commonalities of all people. We demonstrate commitment to diversity and equity by celebrating our differences and treating everyone with fairness and respect.

CPTC Diversity Committee

  • Lisa Plair - Committee Chair
  • Lisa Fortson
  • Michele Jones
  • Mary Nolen
  • Sheli Sledge
  • ASG Student Representatives

Diversity Training & Support

The CPTC Diversity Committee partners with faculty and staff to empower students! Please contact us to organize a workshop, panel presentation, discussion session, or special class, led or co-facilitated by the Diversity Committee staff members and/or Ethnic Student Engagement Committee.

We have a variety of workshop activities available to choose from or we can work with you to help debrief a topic your class is studying either during your class period or as a separate session. Please contact the Committee Chair for more information.

On Campus Diversity Resources

The CPTC Diversity Committee recognizes a wide range of diverse students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members. We strive to provide up to date resources for our community. 

All Gender Restrooms

Clover Park Technical College offers all-gender restrooms at various locations on our Lakewood campus. These restrooms are intended for individual use, or for individuals requiring the assistance of another person. They are private and lockable.

Lakewood Campus
  • Building 3, near the Rotunda
  • Building 19, 1st floor near room 107
  • Building 23, near the SLSC
South Hill Campus

At this time, there are no all-gender restrooms available at the South Hill campus.

In the Community

Refuge Restrooms can provide the location of nearby all-gender restrooms with user experience, information about accessibility, and commentary on how friendly these restrooms are.

How to use a Preferred Name at CPTC

Preferred names indicate the name a student wishes to use that differs from their legal name on legal documents and student records. CPTC supports an inclusive learning environment that allows students to go by a preferred name that may differ from their legal first name. This preferred name will appear instead of the student’s legal name in the class roster.

Preferred names, unfortunately, are not currently visible in Canvas, MyCC, or in the student database used by college staff and administrators. In addition, records such as paychecks or financial aid, as well as academic records (transcripts) that require the use of a legal name, will not change to the preferred first name. The college is currently working to expand its capabilities in this area.

Campus departments are encouraged to utilize preferred first names in their business practices whenever possible. You can update a preferred name at any time by visiting enrollment services. All legal name changes can also be updated through the office of enrollment.

External Diversity Resources

The CPTC Diversity Committee recognizes the wide range of diverse students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members served by the college. Below is a list of external resources available to various diverse communities. If you have additional resources that may be of assistance to others, please contact us at


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