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The WorkFirst program serves families receiving TANF through the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS), helping them start, continue or finish their education and training leading to employment and self-sufficiency.

To get started, please contact the Workforce Development Eligibility Office at 253-589-4311 or visit Building 16, Room 105.

The WorkFirst program at CPTC provides the following options for eligible participants:

  • High-school completion
  • Vocational education in any of CPTC’s full- or part-time programs as well as Continuing Education
  • High-wage, high-demand career training

The WorkFirst program at CPTC offers the following support for WorkFirst students:

  • Tuition, book, and admission expenses for eligible participants (as funding allows)
  • WorkFirst work-study for those that qualify (paid employment)
  • Educational planning, including transition, graduation and transfer assistance provided by a dedicated Workforce Development Counselor
  • Compliance tracking for DSHS
  • Exclusive use of the Workforce Development Eligibility Learning Center, including computer use and free printing
  • Laptop loan program for eligible students
  • Crisis counseling as needed
  • Advocacy — Workforce Development Eligibility staff are dedicated to student success and can provide resource assistance, referrals, barrier removal, and assistance navigating WorkFirst program requirements
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress according to CPTC’s financial aid policies. (Students must not be in financial aid suspension or in student loan default.)

Washington Connection

Washington Connection is a website providing information and resources for people that may qualify for benefits and services; such as food, cash, medical, childcare, long-term care, and healthcare.  From this website, you can see if you qualify and apply for multiple benefits using their online application. If in case you do not qualify, Washington Connection does offer further information for additional services through community partners and resources.