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Some services are closed on Fridays as we get ready for ctcLink. Visit for details.

New Student Orientation

Welcome and congratulations on starting your academic journey!

As a new student at Clover Park Technical College, you are certain to have many questions. These live, web-based workshops on December 15, 2021 as part of the Winter Quarter Start - New Student Orientation Experience have been designed to help you uncover the answers to your questions, navigate campus and provide you timely information about campus resources and support services. Whether you attend one, or multiple sessions, you’ll be ready for the first day of the quarter and on your way towards becoming a successful CPTC student.

The live, web-based workshops will be held using Zoom which can be used on a computer, tablet, smartphone or call-in. Visit for more information and help videos.

These live, web-based workshops give you the info you need about:

  • Virtual student services
  • Student email account
  • Accessing and utilizing Canvas
  • Basics of Zoom, a video conference platform
  • Tutoring
  • Parking & transportation
  • Student aid and scholarships
  • Safety & security
  • Events, clubs, and organizations
  • And much more!

Orientation Schedule


visit to see a detailed schedule for the Winter Quarter Start New Student Orientation event.

CONNECT to the Live, Web-based Orientation Workshops
Meeting ID: 737 542 5651
Call-in : 253-215-8782



Yes, orientation is a mandatory experience, however, you do not need to participate in all the sessions. Sessions on 'Paying for College' and 'Meet Your Advisors' are essential. The rest are strongly encouraged. Please choose to attend some or all!

Great question! Visit to see our advisors and links to schedule your in-person or phone appointments.

Goodness, no! As part of our virtual, remote environment we designed an orientation experience that is flexible and adaptable to the needs of CPTC students. As such, every new student should attend these two essential sessions: Meet your Advisor and Paying for College. Everything else is strongly encouraged. Please make the selections that serve you best and your needs. 

New students that are unable to attend this mandatory program are required to reach out to their faculty counselor to cover program specific resources/information that was shared during New Student Orientation. This quarterly program is an important step in the on-boarding experience for new students leading up to the first day of class.

Great question! To make it as easy as possible we have designed this live, virtual experience so all sessions use the same Zoom meeting log-in details. 

Join the Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 737 542 5651
Call-in : 253-215-8782

Nope! We experimented with doing an RSVP for summer start and had lots of issues so we are opting to make it simple and allow students to self-select with no RSVP required. Within each session, facilitators may do a participant roll call (jn the chat window) for record-keeping purposes. 

Nope! Session presenters would love to "see" you, even for a brief moment to say "hello", but ultimately your level of comfort using video or not is okay! 

Nope! Engagement during every new student orientation, whether face-to-face or virtual is always challenge by choice. Your level of participation is up to you and your level of comfort. With that being said, as you prepare for classes at Clover Park Technical College, remember the age old saying "you get out of it, what you put in". 

At this time the Welcome Center is not conducting campus tours. 

The following dates have been established for New Student Orientation. At this time all orientation experiences through March 2022 are being planned for a virtual, web-based format. 

  • Winter 2022 start: December 15 (virtual) 
  • Spring 2022 start: March 22 (virtual) 
  • Summer 2022 start: June 23