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Welcome! Click the purple bars below to see the four easy steps for guiding you through the CPTC entry process.

The first step is to connect with an Entry Services Specialist Coordinator to learn about the entry process.

Returning student? Entry Services is the place to start. Then, reactivate and update your student account by calling Enrollment Services at 253-589-5666 or by visiting Building 17, Room 130 on the CPTC Lakewood Campus.

Then, apply for Admissions and Financial Aid after you've met with an Entry Services Specialist.


Returning students or students who have previously applied can reactivate and update their student account by calling Enrollment Services at 253-589-5666 or visiting Room 130 in Building 17 on the CPTC Lakewood Campus.

Next. we assess and review your placement before you can register for classes.

For this step, we will assess your previous transcripts (if applicable) and/or your Accuplacer results.

After your assessment, follow up with an Entry Services Specialist to review your scores or transcripts and get your first quarter education plan.

Register for classes during the registration period. Make sure to have your tuition paid by the tuition due date.

Don’t forget your books! Stop by the CPTC Bookstore in Building 23. And get to know our Library by visiting