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Medical Laboratory Technician

Why Choose the Medical Laboratory Technician Program?

Medical laboratory technicians perform routine analyses on blood and body fluids. Our Medical Laboratory Technician program combines class and laboratory training with clinical experience. Students cover a lot of information during their two quarters of academia on campus in a simulated clinical laboratory, as study focuses on the theory of laboratory testing of body fluids. Normal human anatomy and physiology and the changes that occur in diseased states are also studied.

The clinical phase of the program covers the majority of the final two quarters, as students are assigned to laboratories in the Puget Sound area and rotate through all the departments of the clinical laboratory to gain experience.

Upon successful completion, graduates are eligible to take the ASCP Medical Laboratory Technician certification examination, qualifying them for employment.

With a completion time of approximately four quarters, our Medical Lab Technician degree is a fast way to get started on a great career in the healthcare field.

There is a shortage of both medical laboratory scientists and medical laboratory technicians. Employers are looking for professionals with hands-on experience and a high knowledge level, along with excellent soft skills (pleasant to be around, interested in learning new concepts, quick to learn, but pay attention to detail, show up to work on time, and do their job efficiently and correctly).

How Long It Takes:

Medical Lab Technician Degree: 5-7 Quarters

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The program is designed so students take the General Education classes before they start the MLT-specific classes.   There are nearly 30 credits of GenEd courses.  So it would take 2-3 quarters for students to complete those.  (The MLT-specific courses can be completed in four quarters.)  If a student transfers in all of the required GE courses, then they could conceivably complete in 4 quarters.


The Clover Park Technical College Medical Laboratory Technician program is accredited by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS)
5600 N. River Rd, Suite 720
Rosemont, IL  60018  
(773) 714-8880

Potential Careers

Medical Laboratory Technician

Medical Laboratory Technician Career & Wage Details

This is not a guarantee of employment or a certain wage. Full career data available at

Career Pathway

NAACLS Outcomes

NAACLS requires the publishing of program outcomes for the last 3 consecutive years.  The benchmarks which must be met to retain accreditation are:

CPTC NAACLS Outcomes Required 2019-20 2018-19 2017-18 3 Year Average
Graduation/Completion Rate 70% 93% 92.3% 92% 92.4%
Employment Rate 70% 100% 100% 86% 95.3%
Board of Certification (BOC)Pass Rate 75% 100% 90.9% 72.7% 87.9%
Program ASCP Board of Completion Mean   568 544 479  
National ASCP Board of Completion Mean   520 515 512  
Number of Students Graduated   13 13 11  


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Meet Your Instructors

Damaris Colon

Bldg 21, Rm 222

Terry Kotrlam MS

MT(ASCP)BB MLT Program Director

Medical Laboratory Technician Program Information Sessions usually occur at 3 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month.

To learn more about information sessions, visit

Visit the Academic Calendar at to see when the next information session is scheduled.


MLT Students Meet and Greet Lab Professionals

Real-world experience can be one of the hardest things to acquire for a college student, but it’s also one of the most important factors for being hired after graduation. Clover Park Technical College’s Medical Laboratory Technician program sets its students up for success by holding an annual meet-and-greet for local clinical professionals to meet with CPTC students about potential internships in their labs.

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Bridging the gap: CPTC hosts Japanese medical lab students

Japanese students, standing in front of a tie-dyed backdrop, donned colorful vests and hippie-style glasses to end their study tour with some American culture and good ol' “selfies,” May 20 at Clover Park Technical College.

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Medical Lab Tech Students Meet and Greet

Dana Guinn’s Medical Laboratory Technician students are just a few weeks into their first quarter at Clover Park Technical College, but they had an early opportunity to connect with potential clinical site representatives at the program’s annual meet and greet event on May 6 in the Rotunda.

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