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Services and Activities Fees

What are Services and Activities Fees?
The Services and Activities (S&A) Fee Committee is a college committee composed of students and advisors that allocates money from Services and Activities Fees. These fees are paid by each enrolled student every quarter as a portion of their tuition and are used to fund many different student activities and programs.

The S&A Committee is presented with budget requests by program directors and club advisors, and makes budget recommendations. The annual S&A budget is approved by the Clover Park Technical College president and authorized by the Board of Trustees.

Programs such as Associated Student Government (ASG), Program Board, Student Food Bank, graduation, awards ceremony, nearly 50 on-campus jobs, clubs, and many other student services are made possible due to S&A fees.

What Can Be Funded?
Programs and initiatives that create ways to involve and connect students to resources, support services, leadership development opportunities, student governance, on-campus employment, and campus organizations can be funded from S&A funds.

The Financial Code of the Associated Students has additional information about the permissible use of funds and limitations. 

Who Can Apply for Funding?
Student organizations are recognized by the Associated Student Government (ASG), personnel directly related to the operation of student-funded programs and initiatives, and college departments and offices that support student success. 

What Student Programs & Initiatives have Been Funded Recently? 
New initiatives that have been funded from S&A Fees in the recent years include: Emergency Bus Pass Program, Peanut Butter & Jelly Program, Wear it Forward (provides free rental of graduation gowns) and the Student Leadership & Service Center.

The Department of Student Life is always looking for ways to enhance the student experience; please send us your ideas at

Who Determines the S&A Fee?
The fee amount each year is determined by the S&A Committee. The committee is provided projections for the following academic year and based on this information can increase S&A fees (as permitted by Washington Administrative Code) or choose to leave them at the current amount.

Funding is allocated based on number of full-time equivalent (FTE) students. The S&A Committee sets the S&A fee and approves the final budget before presenting it to the Vice President of Student Services for review and submission to the college president and Board of Trustees.

The committee shall be composed of at least five voting student members appointed by the ASCPTC President and is chaired by the Vice President of Student Council. Two (2) students on the committee must be students-at-large. Students-at-large may not be a member of the Student Council or Activities Board. The Student Council Administrative Officer shall serve as a recorder. The Director of Student Life Involvement serves as an ex-officio member of the committee.

2020-2021 Supplemental Budget Request Documents

Past S&A Fee Expenditures


S&A Background Documents

Should you have any questions about the budget process, please do not hesitate to contact

Thanks to the Associated Students at Skagit Valley College for allowing us to use your explanation of Services and Activities Fees when developing content about S&A Fees. (January, 2014)


Jessica Wallack
Director of Student Life

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