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Clubs & Organizations

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2021-2022 Registered Clubs & Certified Groups 

Club Name
Club Advisor Email
Phone Number

Aviation Club

Earl Joy


Club Defiance

Jay Lanphier


Club MEC

Michael Mavor



Joseph Ortiz


Dental Assistants Club

Hannah Precour


Design & Engineering Club

Poppy Bushnell


Linux Club

Kelly Hollowell


Nursing Club

Kandy Hernandez


Pharmacy Technician Club

Trisha Autry


Students of Color Association

LaRita Montgomery-Mandley


Resources for Clubs & Organizations

All club forms & requests are at

Club Council Meetings

Please email Lisa Plair, Manager of Student Life, to learn more about upcoming Club Council meetings.

For info and to RSVP for Department of Student Life sponsored events, check out the Student Life Calendar.

Do you have a hobby, interest or idea that you would like to share with others on campus? Why not start a new club or a new group?

Each year the Student Government dedicates thousands of dollars to student clubs and organizations in order to fund events and activities. If you have an idea for a new club, review these steps or contact the Manager of Student Life at

What's the difference between a club and a group?


Have a dedicated budget & participate in the annual S&A budgeting process

Have access to campus resources & limited funding

Can meet and host activities outside of M-F, 8a-5p

Can meet & host activities M-F, 8a-5p

Must have a club advisor

Not required to have a club advisor

Must abide by approved club By-laws

Not required to have By-laws

Required to attend ASG Business Meetings

Not required to attend ASG Business Meetings

Required to host quarterly events

Not required to host quarterly events

Can Travel*

Not eligible to travel

Must have a minimum of 5 members

Must have a minimum of 3 members

* Travel is currently restricted at this time.

Start a Club at CPTC

We make starting a Club at CPTC easy with these six steps!

Start a Group at CPTC

We make starting a Group at CPTC easy with these four steps!

Questions? Contact Lisa Plair, Manager of Student Life at or call 253-589-5762

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