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Student Employment

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Thank you for your interest in joining the Department of Student Life as a student employee. At CPTC, there are a variety of ways that students can get involved on campus. Supported by the Services and Activities Fees collected from every student’s tuition, the Department of Student Life and Associated Student Government (ASG) provide  programming, campus organizations, and leadership opportunities to all students. 

We are not currently accepting applications at this time. We will notify students via student email, canvas announcements, and social media posts when we open up the next round of hiring.

Student Employment Opportunities

The department in partnership with the Associated Student Government is looking to hire service-minded students who are interested in working to build community and connections amongst students, advocate for the needs of students at the local campus and statewide level, and improve the CPTC experience for both current and future students. Applicants should have experience or interest to learn more about (virtual) engagement, (digital) marketing, and community building efforts across diverse interests and programs. 

Starting in Summer 2021, student employee work shifts will be primarily in-person at the Lakewood Campus. Work shifts are flexible and will always be scheduled around a student's class schedule.

Our Process Explained

Each quarter the Department of Student Life conducts a hiring process to fill a variety of student employment positions. Prospective employees who submit an application may be invited to participate in an information session prior to participating in an interview with the hiring committee; made up of students and staff advisors. Applicants that are selected by the hiring committee to move forward will be invited to attend an orientation to learn more about the onboarding process of the department and what to expect moving forward. We have found that over the years, that it is difficult to determine “best fit” for a position/team with just an application and 15-minute interview. By deciding position placement towards the end of the onboarding/training process (which is paid), the department has a higher success rate of placing students into leadership development positions where they can be the most successful.

Contact Us!

Department of Student Life:
Call 253-589-5780
Email us at

CPTC: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | LinkedIn | YouTube

CPTC Student Life: Facebook | Instagram

  1. Complete the online application by the deadline.
  2. Applicants will be contacted about the status of their application and next steps!
  3. Select students will be invited to attend an information session and interview which is typically over the course of one week.
  4. Finalists will be invited to a mandatory orientation session.
  5. Students who attend all mandatory meetings and pass interviews will then complete their hiring paperwork. 
  6. Students will be notified with a final decision upon successfully passing a background.

  • Must be a currently registered CPTC student
  • Maintain a quarterly and cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • Must be a student in good standing with the College, ASG and the community.
  • Must be making academic progress in an academic degree or certificate program

If you do not meet one or more of the above requirements, please include a statement with your completed application packet explaining to the committee why you should be considered and explain any circumstances that may have prevented you form meeting a requirement(s). Submitting a statement with your application does not guarantee an interview.

To submit your application you will need to complete all sections of the online application:

  1. Applicant Information
  2. Personal Statements:
    Tell us about yourself
    What skills and abilities would you bring to the Student Life Team? 
    Tell us how you will be able to successfully balance your student leader position responsibilities (8-19 hours/week) along with your obligations at school and home?                      What interests you in being a student leader?
  3. Resume (not required but strongly encouraged)
  4. Reference
    Please list an individual who can speak to your experience, character, and temperament that is not a friend or family member.


If you do not meet one or more of the requirements for participation, you may appeal to have your application considered by the Selection Committee. To appeal, please email a statement after you submit your completed application packet explaining to the committee why you should be considered for a leadership position and explaining any circumstances that may have prevented you from meeting a requirement(s). Submit your appeal via email to Any questions you can contact 253-589-5780. Submitting an appeal does not guarantee that your application will be considered for an interview by the Hiring Committee.

Student Employees for the Department of Student Life make $15.00/hour.

There are a variety of positions that you could serve on a as a student leader with the Department of Student Life. Student Committees and Teams include:
  • Civic Engagement Committee
  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee
  • Events & Activities Committee
  • Health & Wellness Committee
  • Student Success Committee
  • Student Graphics & Marketing Team

We also have two, soon to be three, centers to staff:

In addition to committees, teams, and centers, we also have a partnership with Nourish Pierce County to have a mobile food bank come to the Lakewood Campus every Wednesday from 1-3p. We are looking for student leaders to staff this work site as well.

No. Students are paid from S&A fees instead of workstudy money for student positions with the Department of Student Life. You may have an additional position through workstudy as well as work in Student Life but cumulative hours may not exceed 19 hours/week.

Student Leadership positions range between 8-19 hours/week depending on your position and availability.

We encourage South Hill Campus students to apply for any position with the Department of Student Life, however, transportation to training, office hours and meetings at the Lakewood campus will be required.

Yes. We require students to wear CPTC gear as part of their uniform, however we will supply you with a few items when you begin working.

One of the best things of a job in the Department of Student Life is flexibility around your personal and class schedule. We will work around your availability and our general operating hours of Monday-Friday, 8a-6p.

Civic Engagement Committee 

Students who serve on the Civic Engagement Committee are advocates of the student voice and partner with other governing units (at the campus, local and state level) to ensure a positive student experience for all CPTC students.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee 

Students who serve on the Diversity & Inclusion Committee are responsible for planning and facilitating events, programs, campaigns, and initiatives that foster a campus climate that is inclusive and welcoming. They may also help staff the MOSAIC Center.

Events & Activities Committee 

Students who serve on the Events & Activities Committee coordinate engagement opportunities aimed at supporting students' social, educational, and professional development.

Health & Wellness Committee 

Students who serve on the Health & Wellness Committee are responsible for planning & facilitating a variety of programs and initiatives that aim to improve students' overall health, including but not limited to physical and mental health. They may also help staff the Fitness Center.

Student Success Committee

Students who serve on the Student Success Committee coordinate campaigns that support students' social, academic, and financial successes.

Student Marketing & Graphics Team 

Members of the Student Marketing & Graphics Team are responsible for the graphic design and overall promotion of events, activities, programs and initiatives housed within the Department of Student Life, including but not limited to creating and maintaining a strong online presence via social media and other virtual platforms. Graphic design, social media, photography, and writing skills are highly desired.