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What is a Tuition Installment Plan or TIP?

The Tuition Installment Plan (TIP) is an alternative to student loans that allow students to pay for college over time. Students who could benefit from TIP are those who pay out-of-pocket or are waiting for third-party funding and need an alternative to student loans. 

Upon registering for classes, our Student Financials Accountant will personally set up your contracts, payments, and walk you through your plan.

If you set up your plan during early registration, your total tuition and fees will be divided into thirds. Later registration dates may lead to fewer payments (higher amounts). There is a one-time, non-refundable enrollment fee of $25. Late payments are assessed a one-time, non-refundable late fee of $30 per late payment.

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TIP Important Dates

Spring 2023 Summer 2023 Fall 2023
Registration Feb 6 May 5 May 5
Tuition Due Date Mar 20 Jun 20 Sept 11
Ideal 1st Payment Due Date Feb 28 May 30 Aug 30
2nd Payment Due Date Mar 28 Jun 30 Sept 29
Last Day for a 3-Payment Plan Mar 20 Jun 20 Sept 11
Last Day to Make a Payment Plan for Late Registration Students Apr 17 Jul 20 Oct 20
Final Payment due Date Apr 27 Jul 30 Oct 30

Frequently Asked Questions

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