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Program Health Statistics

Data Sources

The Program Health Statistics were developed and originally conceived by Dr. Joyce Loveday, President at Clover Park Technical College. Data were developed to facilitate the program review process, increase data consistencies and to provide faculty, staff, deans and department chairs with a central location in which to access information for their program reviews. 

Below is the current four-year program review cycle.

Program Health Statistics

Data included in Program Health Statistics were summarized by Administrative (AU) Code for each program  As a result, data accuracies in FTES, headcount, and other information are dependent on the use of correct coding protocols.  Not all of the information contained in the matrices are provided by Institutional Effectiveness. Information on program costs, for example, are generated by the Office of Finance and Operations, who manages the facilities, operational and maintenance costs upon which programs depend. Data contained in the matrices were gathered from the Student Management System (SMS.) Information provided by program enrollment was based on summaries contain in the StuClass tables.

Program names, definitions, and data needs have since evolved over time. Such requirements have led to the production of better, automated data which will be produced in future versions of the Data Dashboards. Of note is the information in the Data Dashboards are extracted from the SBCTC Data Warehouse.

Program FTE Over Time

Program Health Statistics

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