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Hemodialysis students working in the classroom

Hemodialysis Technician

Why Choose the Hemodialysis Technician Program?

Hemodialysis technicians play a vital health care role by providing basic renal care for clients under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician. In our Hemodialysis Technician program, students participate in theoretical and practical preparation in the duties and responsibilities of a hemodialysis technician. The program includes a practicum in a dialysis facility to provide students an opportunity to develop and practice the skills of a hemodialysis technician and participate as a team. If you have a passion for health care and a desire to work closely with patients, this might be the program and career path for you.

Fall 2020 Update

Enrollments were not accepted for a Fall Quarter 2020 start.

CPTC's Hemodialysis Technician program prepares students how to operate kidney dialysis machines in outpatient settings, such as hospitals or dialysis centers.
How Long It Takes:

Hemodialysis Technician Certificate: 3 Quarters

All program lengths are estimates and are not guarantees.


Potential Careers


Median annual pay in Washington:

$54,450 per year

Full Career Details

Career Pathway


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Meet Your Instructors

Ken Markovits

Bldg 21, Rm 228

Hemodialysis Technician Program Information Sessions usually occur at 3 p.m. on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month.

To learn more about information sessions, visit

Visit the Academic Calendar at to see when the next information session is scheduled.




Hemodialysis students practicing on each other


Interview With an Expert in Home-Based Care

Patient receiving dialysis treatment.

Home hemodialysis does have better outcomes because they are able to dialyze more frequently in shorter segments instead of having the big up-and-down spikes and constant blood pressure drop—and the toxins building up. -Ken Markovits, Hemodialysis Instructor at Clover Park Technical College (CPTC).

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CPTC Offers Nurse Camp Students Hands-On Experience

CPTC instructor David Bahrt discusses the process of catching the baby during the birthing process with local high school students as part of the 2016 Nurse Camp on July 14.

Clover Park Technical College’s health sciences and human services programs enjoyed a special group of visitors Thursday afternoon, as 18 local high school students joined CPTC’s instructors and students for some hands-on experience as part of the 2016 Nurse Camp.

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Instructor Ken Markovits Receives 2016 NISOD Excellence Award

As CPTC's Hemodialysis Technician instructor, Ken Markovits helps students receive hands-on training necessary for the industry.

Congratulations to Hemodialysis Technician instructor Ken Markovits, who was selected as Clover Park Technical College’s 2016 NISOD Excellence Award recipient.

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