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On-Campus Food Options

Where to purchase snacks, beverages, and food on campus.

Rainier Room

The Rainier Room is staffed by students. Hours are subject to availability based on the instruction schedule.


The Rainier Room
  • Location: Bldg. 31
  • Service hours change throughout the academic year. Make reservations online or call 253-589-5889.
  • Food options: Full service dining with a rotating menu available online at Reservations preferred. Take-out orders and grab-and-go food.
  • Location: Bldg. 23
  • Service hours vary throughout the academic year.
  • Food options feature a regular rotation of seasonal items and recipes being tested by current students. Check out the variety of fresh-baked pastries, cakes, cookies, savory breads, sandwiches, soup, and specialty desserts.



The CPTC Bookstore
  • Location: Bldg. 23.
  • Food Options: Grab-and-go food, snacks during business hours.

Vending Machines


Vending machines on campus
  • Location: SHC Break Room, Bldg 2, Bldg. 3 by restrooms (hot coffee machine & soda), Bldg. 8 Hall behind reception, Bldg 10 Upstairs & Downstairs, Bldg. 14 Upstairs, Bldg 16 Upstairs & Downstairs, Bldg 17 Hall, Bldg. 19 Upstairs, Bldg 20, Bldg. 21 Downstairs, Bldg. 25 HVAC Classroom.
  • Service Hours: Open during business hours.
  • Food Options: Prepackaged snacks, chips, candy, gum, cereal bars and beverages.

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