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Proposed revisions to the ASG Governing Documents

Project Overview

Since October 2019, the Associated Student Government (ASG) has been conducting a student engagement and leadership development pilot project aimed at developing a forward-thinking approach to student governance. This pilot project was a response to consistent turnover in positions and a noticeable decline in engagement amongst student and college constituents. During these annual periods of transition within the student association, the Department of Student Life has assisted the ASG in an unofficial capacity to ensure the continuity of governance.  

The guiding principles of the project were: 

  • Continuity of governance
  • Cultivating student voice
  • Dynamic team development
  • Developing an action oriented approach
  • Flexibility and fluidity of roles
  • Cultivating leaders
  • Remaining relevant as a student association; and 
  • Developing cross-campus connections.  

During this pilot project the ASG governing documents were temporarily modified Article V (selections and appointments) and Article 1, Section 3 (membership) to reflect the egalitarian, committee chair structure that has been utilized since October 2019.   
The original timeline that was proposed during the spring quarter 2020 did not happen due to COVID-19. During fall quarter, Student Government leaders formed a student-led committee to review the pilot project and develop proposed changes to the governing documents.

The draft documents were submitted to the Student Government during the March 16 business meeting and will go through a quarter-long review process before the proposed changes to the Constitution & By-Laws of the Associated Students of Clover Park Technical College are ratified at the June 2 Business Meeting of the Student Government.

If you have a question, please contact Cal Erwin-Svoboda, Associate Dean for Student Success at or 253-589-5644. 

Summary of Proposed Revisions

  • Shift from a hierarchical top-down structure to an egalitarian-style organization where all committee chairs (five voting members) share equal responsibility and power
  • Updates to filling vacancies of Student Government members that occur during the academic year based on a preference to appoint the vice chair. If there is no vice chair currently serving, then a hiring process or interim appointment shall be conducted based on the academic calendar
  • Titles of five (5) committee chair positions align with strategic initiative of student association and college priorities 
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation revisions  
  • Housekeeping revisions

Proposed Changes Supporting Documents

Proposed Constitution & By-Laws  

Current Constitution & By-Laws - Adopted May 14, 2014

Revised Code of Washington (RCW)

Public Comment

Throughout spring quarter, CPTC students are invited to attend a regularly scheduled Student Government Business meeting and ask a question or make a comment about the proposed changes to the constitution on the following Wednesdays at 3:30p.

  • April 21
  • May 5
  • May 19

Join the ASG Meeting
Meeting ID: 816 0108 7070
Call-In: 253-215-8782


Make a Comment or Ask a Question

Don’t have time to attend a student government meeting? No problem! Fill out this comment card before May 19 at 12:00p and all applicable comments and questions will be shared at the regularly scheduled Student Government business meetings. Comments and questions can be anonymous or leave your contact info so we can follow-up with you – your voice, your choice!




Since the Student Government is the recognized governing body of the Associated Students of Clover Park Technical College, it is important that CPTC students have a voice and opportunity to provide input on proposed changes to policies and procedures that impact the student association. 

This practice mirrors the college's shared governance model which is a set of practices that provide opportunities for students, faculty, staff and college administration an opportunity to be informed and have input into decisions that affect them. 

January – February

Student-led constitution & by-laws revision committee meets regularly during winter quarter to discuss and review proposed changes to governing documents


  • Proposed changes submitted to Student Government at March 16 business meeting


  • Website about proposed revisions to ASG constitution launched on April 5
  • Email about proposed changes and special election sent to students April 9
  • First review of proposal/feedback at April 21 Student Government meeting


  • Second review of proposal/feedback at May 5 Student Government meeting
  • Final review of proposal/feedback at May 19 Student Government meeting
  • Student-led committee will incorporate any feedback and make an updated and final document of proposed changes available no later than May 20 


  • Student Government will ratify proposed changes at June 2 Student Government Meeting

Great question! The constitution establishes the student association, as authorized by the CPTC Board of Trustees, to legislate, promote and regulate the affairs of the Associated Students of Clover Park Technical College (ASCPTC). The constitution is a relatively short document (two-pages) which establishes the WHAT of the ASCPTC. Any changes to the constitution require a special election.

The HOW of the ASCPTC is detailed in the BY-LAWS which is about a twenty-page document and provides explicit details, processes that are not included in the Constitution.

Pursuant to Article XIV - Amendments of the ASCPTC Constitution & By-Laws, students may appeal the amendment by submitting a petition to Student Government in accordance with Article XI: Initiative before ratification can take effect. 

To learn more about how any CPTC student may initiate an article of legislation, including a petition to appeal the proposed changes to the governing documents, please refer to the ASCPTC Constitution & By-Laws

We are asking for your assistance to help students learn more about proposed changes to the ASG Constitution & By-Laws by having them attend a Student Government meeting to 1) get more information and 2) ask clarifying questions.

If ratified, it will mean a more innovative and forward-thinking student governance structure.

Please contact Cal Erwin-Svoboda, Associate Dean for Student Success at or 253-589-5644 or even stop by Building 23, Room 110a.