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Student Bus Passes

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CPTC ORCA Cards are available by visiting the SLSC in person or by submitting an online Bus Pass Request for it to be mailed. Note: You will have to sign into your CPTC Student Email account to submit this request form.

The Department of Student Life, in partnership with Associated Student Government (ASG) and Pierce Transit, launched the Community & Technical College (CTC) Bus Pass program available to all eligible CPTC students.

As a result of the discounted bus pass program, which started in January 2017, and Student Council’s participation in transit sponsored open forums and board meetings over concerns to route changes, Pierce Transit identified CPTC as the lead community and technical college in the county to partner within modeling a pilot program designed for all students.

What is it?

Since 2017, all currently enrolled CPTC students are able to ride the Pierce Transit bus system within the county by swiping their CPTC ORCA Card when boarding the Pierce Transit bus.

IMPORTANT: All CPTC ORCA Cards that have been issued during the previous academic year will remain active in the current one as long as you remain enrolled in CPTC classes.

CPTC ORCA Card Distribution

Current CPTC students can receive their CPTC ORCA Card by visiting the Student Leadership & Service Center (SLSC) during operating hours. To avoid on campus interactions, students can also request to have their ORCA Card mailed to them by completing an online Bus Pass RequestNote: You will have to sign into your CPTC Student Email account to submit this request form.

What do I need to bring to get a CPTC ORCA Card?

Please bring your CPTC Student ID along with a copy of your class schedule to obtain your CPTC ORCA Card. If you are a new student and do not currently possess a CPTC student ID, you can have one printed at that time.


Enrolled CPTC students who pay Service & Activities (S&A) Fees or have an applicable waiver approved by CPTC and are currently taking classes are eligible to participate in this program. 

NWCTHS students are also eligible for bus passes even if they're not enrolled in any additional CPTC college classes.

The following student classifications are not eligible to participate in this bus pass program because they do not pay S&A Fees:

  • Outside programs, agencies, workforce training, and contracts (i.e. Corprate Education)
  • Workforce Education class students

If you have questions about your eligibility, please contact us at or 253-589-5780.


There are no out-of-pocket costs for CPTC students. This initiative is funded through the Associated Student Government (ASG) and Services and Activities Fees paid by all CPTC students at the time of registration.

Quarterly Verification

You must be a currently enrolled student at CPTC to receive a CPTC ORCA Card. Each quarter, department staff will verify your student status and eligibility.

Students who are not enrolled in the current quarter will receive official communication of a card deactivation date. 

CPTC Bus Pass FAQs

Pierce Transit FAQs

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