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Clover Park Technical College Employee Benefits

Eligible employees at Clover Park Technical College (CPTC) receive a generous benefits package in addition to their paycheck, including:

Health Insurance administered by the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB)

Eligible employees may choose from among eight health plans offered in 2017, including Consumer-Directed Health Plans with Health Savings Account (CDHP-HSA):

  • Uniform Medical Plan (UMP) Classic – a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) traditional plan
  • UMP Plus-Puget Sound High Value Network
  • UMP Plus-UW Medicine Accountable Care Network
  • Kaiser Permanente WA Classic
  • Kaiser Permanente WA Consumer-Directed Health Plan
  • Kaiser Permanente WA SoundChoice
  • Kaiser Permanente WA Value

In addition, those residing in the southwest region of Washington or northwest/northern region of Oregon may select:

  • Kaiser Permanente Classic – a managed care traditional plan
  • Kaiser Permanente CDHP-HSA

Dental Insurance

Eligible employees may choose from two managed care plans and one preferred provider plan. Dental premiums for you and your dependent(s) are fully paid by CPTC. Plan options include:

  • DeltaCare – a managed care plan
  • Willamette – a managed care plan
  • Uniform Dental Plan – a preferred provider plan

Life Insurance

CPTC provides each eligible employee with $35,000 Basic life insurance, and $5,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment policy at no additional cost. Options allow employees to design their own coverage by purchasing an additional coverage as well as coverage for dependents.

Long-Term Disability Insurance

CPTC pays for Long-Term Disability (LTD) coverage with a 90-day waiting period and a maximum benefit of $240 per month. You may purchase additional optional LTD overage to supplement the Basic LTD, providing up to 60 percent of monthly salary (calculated on a maximum annual salary cap of $120,000) following a waiting period you select.

Flexible Spending Account

Consider contributing to a tax-exempt Flexible Spending Account (FSA) that allows you to save money on eligible medical expenses.

Dependent Care Assistance Program

An opportunity to reduce taxable income by setting aside money from each paycheck (before taxes) to pay for dependent care expenses. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

The employee assistance program is for State of Washington employees, other governmental entities, and their family members. EAP offers free professional counseling and referral services.


CPTC participates in several retirement plans administered through the Washington State Department of Retirement Systems and TIAA. Eligibility in the plans is based on your current classification. Once a plan choice is made it is irrevocable. 

  • Department of Retirement Systems There are two plans within PERS, the public employee’s retirement system. In PERS 2, your retirement benefit is defined by a formula of 2% times your years of service, and contributions are subject to periodic rate adjustments by the state legislature. PERS 3 offers you an employer-paid retirement benefit based on 1% times your years of service, plus the opportunity to choose your own contribution rate (between 5 and 15 percent) and invest your contributions in a range of investment options. Contributions to both plans are tax-deferred. Note: Faculty may have an additional DRS option (if actively participating in TRS).
  • TIAA – State Board Retirement Plan (SBRP) The SBRP is a tax-deferred defined contribution plan that helps you save for retirement. Eligible employees can start participating in the SBRP on their first day of employment in an eligible appointment. Your employer helps you save even more for your retirement by providing 100% matching funds to your contributions. Both employee are and employee contributions are immediately vested, and the plan is 100% portable if you move between participating employers or leave the community and technical college system. SBRP operates under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 401(a), and the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges 401(a) Retirement Plan. 

Voluntary Investment Plan

The Voluntary Investment Plan (VIP) is an optional, unmatched retirement savings plan, operating under Section 403(b) of the IRC. VIP participants may contribute to a pre-tax 403(b) contribution and/or a post-tax 403(b) Roth contribution.

Deferred Compensation Program

Washington State Deferred Compensation Program (WSDCP) is an additional retirement savings program under IRC 457(B) that provides even more optional retirement savings. WSDCP is deducted pre-tax and the savings grow tax-deferred.

Paid Holidays

CPTC observes 10 holidays per calendar year:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • President’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day
  • Labor Day


Employees accrue vacation, sick, and personal leave based on their classification. To determine the accrual rate, refer to the appropriate contract or collective bargaining agreement. 


  • Generous opportunities for professional development.
  • Childcare center on campus with discounts for staff and faculty.
  • Beautiful campus with state-of-the-art educational facilities.
  • Eligible to participate in the state tuition exemption program.
  • Services by students at reasonable prices:
    • Fine dining in the Rainier Room
    • Exquisite pastries at Bon Sucrè
    • Automotive repair
    • Automotive body and paint
    • Massage
    • Haircuts
    • Manicures and pedicures
    • Facials, and more!