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Professional Development (non-degree)

College doesn't have to be your world to change your world.

Clover Park Technical College offers non-credit programs from 1 day to 18 months in length through Career & Community Services.

Programs are offered in various technical areas and may change based on local industry and employment needs. Most programs are offered online, on your schedule.

If you know what class/program you want, click on the catalog button, register, and pay online.  Do you need help identifying the right class or program?  Schedule a phone, face-to-face, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams appointment. 

Contact: | 253-589-5575

Connect in a Zoom virtual lobby (by appointment ONLY)

How to Register

Register for Professional/Career Development Non-degree Programs

Career & Community Services assists workers by offering hundreds of non-degree, professional & career development opportunities. A small number of these programs are listed on the Washington Career Bride Eligible Training Provider List (ETPL). We also offer a small number of face-to-face and hybrid (partially online with some face-to-face class time) courses.

How you register depends on:

  • The course/program mode (face-to-face, hybrid, or fully online)
  • How you will pay (cash, credit card, third-party payment, in one payment or in installments)
  • Whether your program is required to be listed on the state’s ETPL

Registering in Face-to-Face or Hybrid Courses/Programs

  1. Set up your account
  2. Find your class and add it to your cart
  3. Make your payment with a Visa or MasterCard debit or Credit Card (see below for instructions for cash, third-party payments, a card other than Visa or MasterCard, or if you wish to register in person)

Face-to-face and hybrid courses must be paid in full at the time of registration to reserve a seat. When making your payment, please be sure that the payor information (name and address) matches the information your bank has on file.

Registering in Online Career Training Programs, 3rd-Party Payment, and/or Training Benefits Applicants

Contact Career & Community Services BEFORE enrolling. Send an email to or call 253-589-5839. Provide the following information:

  1. Your name, phone number, email address
  2. The course/program name and code number (e.g., GES1015 or MDG2493)
  3. If you are applying for training benefits (we strongly urge you to speak with the Career & Community Service office BEFORE submitting this application)
  4. Your funding source (e.g., WIOA, L&I, DVR, your employer, scholarship, or personal funds)
  5. Your preferred start date (availability of funding determines your start date for open enrollment, fully online programs)

Please note that non-degree programs currently are NOT eligible for federal financial aid or Worker Retraining. So, you are not required to complete a FAFSA if you plan to enroll in a non-degree program.

Registering by Phone or In Person with Cash

  1. If you need assistance registering we are happy to help. Please call 253-589-5839. Payment is required to hold a seat.
  2. If you wish to register and make your payment in person, it is best to schedule an appointment at least 2-3 business days before the class start date.
  3. You must be enrolled by the Career & Community Services Office prior to making your payment with the cashier.
  4. Cash payments must be made at the Cashier Office on the Lakewood Campus in building 17, between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Thursday.


How to Drop or Change A Class

If you need to cancel or change your registration, you must do so in writing.  We no long accept cancellations by telephone. 

  • Email us at
  • Provide your full name, the name of the class and date for which you are registered, and a call-back number where a message can be left.

Refund Policy

This schedule applies to both the course and material fees for Continuing Education courses and programs:

  • 100%: Any time class is canceled by the College
  • 100%: If you withdraw 48 hours before the first class meeting. Certain consumable and pass-thru fees (e.g. credit card transaction fees) are not refundable..
  • 0%: If you fail to attend class for any reason without prior notice per instructions above. Roll-overs to future classes in lieu of refund will not be permitted.
  • Students receiving funding through a third party must adhere to the rules of the funding source (e.g., employer, Workforce funding, Labor & Industries)

Cancellation Information

We try our best not to cancel classes, but on occasion a class may be canceled if enrollment is too low, in case of an emergency, or if the College is officially closed due to inclement weather.

If a class is canceled, we will make every effort to reach you using the information you provided at registration. Please be sure to provide accurate telephone and email information. We do not currently send text messages for cancellations.

In the case of a cancellation, you will receive a full refund by check or credit card, depending on how you paid. Please allow ample time for refund check processing and credit card account transactions.

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