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Multicultural Student Services

Program Overview

The Multicultural Student Services Program at Clover Park Technical College is committed to the development of a campus community that is equitable and inclusive. While Multicultural Student Services serves all students, we specialize in supporting students from diverse, racial, ethnic and gender backgrounds. This program is part of an interconnected network of campus stakeholders and work groups dedicated to advancing the College’s commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. 


CPTC’s 2019-2020 Diversity Factbook indicates that there are persistent equity gaps amongst students of color in the areas of access, retention, and completion. As the College engages the campus community as part of its commitment to work towards the advancement of equitable education and the success of students from diverse racial, ethnic and gender backgrounds. The Multicultural Student Services Program is uniquely positioned to facilitate this movement to strengthen the College’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

Our Approach

The Multicultural Student Services Program will use an evidence-based, data-driven, high-touch approach to design high-impact practices and student-centered support programs to support the unique needs of students from diverse racial, ethnic and gender backgrounds, from the initial days on campus through program completion. The program will utilize the inclusive excellence framework, which focuses on four themes: 

  • Achieve access and equity for historically underrepresented groups 
  • Create a multicultural and inclusive climate for the entire college community
  • Expand our knowledge and teaching practices around issues of diversity
  • Prepare students with knowledge about diverse groups and cultures - to effectively work in a diverse society 

Program Features

By fall quarter 2021, Multicultural Student Services will roll out the following student success initiatives and support programs: 

  • Events, programming, and activities
  • Peer-to-peer connections
  • Student-employee mentorship 
  • Leadership Development 
  • Academic, personal, and social development 
  • Identity-based affinity and caucus groups 
  • Pre-orientation experience 

Get Involved 

Want to get involved with the Multicultural Student Services Program as a student or employee? Fill out this quick interest form and we will follow-up with you directly. 


Diversity Center

The Diversity Center will be an inclusive, welcoming space where students of diverse, racial, ethnic and gender backgrounds can gather and connect with other students to build affinity. The Center is also the space where white students can connect with the students to nurture allyship. The Center will also serve as a diversity resource hub and have the following amenities: 

  • Student Lounge 
  • Computers 
  • Scholarship info & application assistance 
  • Campus and community resource referrals and support 
  • Diversity library and resources  
  • Commencement achievement program 

The construction of the Center in the Student Center (Building 23) is planned for Summer 2021 with the opening of the Center scheduled for Fall Quarter 2021.  

Contact Us

Want to learn more, ask a question or get help? Stop by the program department in the Student Center (Building 23), Room 116 or reach out to Yuko Chartraw, Program Manager: 

Dear CPTC Students: 

Over the past year, there have been many examples of the underlying fear and animosity that has erupted into violence toward individuals based on the color of their skin, country of origin, and/or religious or political beliefs. Our thoughts are with individuals of Asian descent who are experiencing a growing level of persecution, and with the victims of the recent mass shootings that have devastated their communities. 

CPTC has support for students who are struggling. 

On-Campus Resources 

Community Resources 

“To the Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander communities: I want you to know we care about you and recognize the added stress you are facing. My hope is that at CPTC you will experience safety and support, a place where you are treated with dignity and respect. We stand with you in these difficult times, and we will stand up for you.” -President Joyce Loveday 

If you or someone you know is a victim of discrimination, harassment, and bias, use A Better CPTC to report it. We investigate every submission thoroughly. 

Manager of Student Diversity Programs

Dear Campus Community,

As a follow-up to Dr. Loveday’s e-mail last week, the Multicultural Student Services Program would like to share some resources that may assist you in helping and supporting our Black students. As Dr. Loveday wrote, the momentary relief of justice served is short for many, and with the official sentencing still forthcoming, I would like us to be prepared to support our students in case they reach out to you for help. Please share the resources below with your students or refer them to the on- and off-campus resources available.

Coping with Intense Emotions and Anxiety


Digital Tools

Resources for Difficult Dialogues

College Resources

Community Resources

Resources for White Students

Learn More about Racial Trauma and the Damaging Effect of Racism

Lastly, as Dr. Loveday wrote in the e-mail, please let your students know that “CPTC continues to denounce all acts of racism and hate on our campuses and in society. We will continue to work to hold ourselves accountable to pursue equity, peace, and justice for all. Our hope is that at CPTC every person will experience safety and support, a place where they are treated with dignity and respect. We commit to advancing racial equity and disrupting racism within ourselves.”

Thank you for continuing to support our students of color in their success and well-being.

Manager of Student Diversity Programs