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Student Email

Student email is on Office 365 (O365)

Sign in to O365 Students Email 


All Clover Park Technical College correspondence will be sent to your college issued email address. Please check your CPTC email account regularly. Using your student email will help you keep up-to-date on important information and events and communicate with faculty and other students.

Your account and email should be ready within two (2) business days of your application acceptance.

Accessing Your Student Email Account

Follow these steps to set up your email:

  1. Sign into CPTC Student Email at
    • Username: Your student email username is composed of your last name (in lowercase letters) as recorded in the Registrar’s Office, and the last four digits of your CPTC Student ID number (not your Social Security number), followed by “”.
      • For example: (Last Name: garcia, SID: 975861234).
      • The maximum last name length is 16 characters, so if your name exceeds this, it will be reduced to 16 characters.
      • If your last name is hyphenated, it will include the hyphen (garcia-smith1234).
    • Password: Your default password is: cptcddMmmyyyy Example: a student who was born on June 8, 1999, their password would be: cptc08Jun1999 (letters are all lowercase, except for the first letter of the 3 character month)
      • If you experience difficulty logging in, please check your records to verify that your last name and date of birth as recorded with the Registrar’s Office are accurate.
    • We recommend unchecking the option to stay signed in. Activating this option allows anyone using that computer to access your account if you forget to sign out.
    • Please note that you cannot forward your CPTC student email to another email account.
  2. Change your password: Change your password immediately to prevent misuse of your account. Until you have changed your O365 password, you will not be able to use Wi-Fi services on campus. Changing this password is what also enables you to use Wi-Fi. You will be prompted to change your password upon your first login, along with setting up password self-recovery options. If you know your old password and want to change it to something different, please follow these instructions:
    1. Go to your inbox.
    2. Click on your username in the top-right corner
    3. Click "View Account."
    4. Click "Password."
    5. Enter your current and new passwords — your new password must be at least 10 characters.
    6. Click "Submit"
  3. Sign In. Use your student email address to sign in to computers on campus, to access Student WiFi on campus, and to access your email with your Office 365 account.

For help on resetting your password, visit the Student Wi-Fi page.



Click here to sign into your Gmail account (applies only to students who have been enrolled in classes prior to Summer 2021). Please note that all official CPTC communications are now sent to O365 email addresses.

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