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Accessibility Committee

The Clover Park Community College Accessibility Committee, in support of college and state policies, will establish, review, and evaluate collegewide accessibility plans and advise the Student Learning Council in regard to promoting and providing appropriate, effective, and integrated access for students, employees and community members. To that end, the committee will:

  1. model and facilitate a culture of accessibility for all faculty, staff and students;
  2. provide training and support to improve the level of accessibility;
  3. serve as a clearinghouse for accessibility questions, resources, and issues for CPTC.


Note: The video above uses the term "websites" very broadly to mean anything viewed by an individual online. This video includes stories from individuals who are not able to access class materials (Canvas, 3rd party software), library software, and internal digital materials.

Accessibility Committee Members


  • Geoff Cain – Teaching & Learning Center
  • Melissa Medina – Disabled Student Services


  • Katie Bunney - Student
  • Racheal Butler – Workforce Development
  • Jessica Carey - Gen Ed & Graphic Design
  • Lisa Cutler - Library
  • Pearl DeSure - Library
  • Brady Hageman - eLearning
  • Pamela Jeter – Instructional Technology
  • Pam Munizza – Trans Studies ABE
  • Alix Nunke – Human Resources
  • Harman Sidhu - Marketing
  • Sheli Sledge - Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Iesha Valencia – Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leah Wilkins – Workforce Development

Accessibility Committee Focus Areas

  1. Promote accessibility training on campus
  2. Raise awareness of accessibility issues on campus
  3. Make recommendations for accessibility on campus

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