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Residency Eligibility

Financially Dependent             

You are a dependent student if you are under the age of 24, unmarried, and one or both of your parents or legal guardians have claimed you as a dependent on their most recent federal tax return.

Financially Independent     

An independent student is one who is no longer financially dependent upon parents. Residency is determined by several factors: Physical presence, intent to establish residence, and financial independence.

Eligible Non-Citizen                      

Permanent residents, refugees, asylees, and those who hold qualifying visas issued 12 months prior to the start of the quarter and have taken steps to establish permanent residence in Washington State may be eligible to pay resident tuition.

Dreamer (House Bill 1079)

In 2003, a Washington law was revised to allow certain students attending public colleges and universities to be eligible for resident tuition. In 2014, the state’s financial aid law was amended so these students may be eligible for State Need Grant.

Active Duty Military Members 

You may be eligible to pay resident tuition as an active duty military member, Washington National Guard or the spouse or dependent of a member, or an active duty member from Washington stationed in another state or overseas.

Veterans and their Spouse or Dependents

In 2014, SB 5318 removed the one-year residence period for veterans or their spouse or dependents, so they may be eligible to pay resident tuition as long as specific conditions are met.

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