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  • CPTC Center for Cybersecurity

The mission of the Center for Cybersecurity is to support the development and delivery of comprehensive cybersecurity, network operations, and information system security programs.

We prepare students for careers in computing, cybersecurity, and information systems; increase campus, community, and experiential awareness in computer networking, cybersecurity, and information system security; and promote instructor and student work in the fields of cybersecurity, network operations, and information system security.

Network Operations & System Security (NOSS) programs students prepare for careers involving the protection of information on computers and networks against unauthorized access or modification of information and the denial of service to authorized users.

NOSS curriculum includes basic and advanced computer and networking skills, physical and virtual security processes, and procedures, and introduction to security management, planning, and recovery and security measures, both physical and virtual, necessary to detect, document, and counter such threats.

Our NOSS programs prepare students to further their education in the Bachelor of Applied Science in Cybersecurity program. (BAS-C)

BAS-C cybersecurity learning approach uses hands-on tools in a realistic, practical context. Students will graduate with a practical understanding of cybersecurity concepts as well as experience with a current set of tools.

BAS-C is designed to meet the needs of students who want to become cybersecurity practitioners. Graduates would be candidates for positions including Information System Security Officer, Penetration Tester, or Security Analyst.

“Cyber defense is huge. It’s one of those things that’s growing as businesses learn how important it is and start to take it really seriously. And this experience motivates us to learn more. We don’t just stop after the competition. This stimulates our curiosity and need-to-know, and just by going through [the Cyber Defense Competition], we’re giving ourselves a better education. It’s really fun.”

Garrett Hayes, alumnus

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