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How is CPTC insured?

Typically states have sovereign immunity.  In 1961 Washington State waived that immunity and can be sued just like a private citizen.  The college is insured through the state’s self-insurance liability program.  This insurance is financed through annual premiums determined by the State Risk Manager.  The liability account is used to pay claims for auto and general liability losses arising from tort claims, judgments and settlements in which the state is found to be wholly or partially negligent.

What is a tort claim?

Individuals who believe they have been harmed or who have suffered a loss as result of negligent actions by a state employee or agency may file a tort claim.

Tort Claim Process

CPTC has no direct involvement with the individual filing the claim.  Claimants will deal directly with the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services.

CPTC purchases insurance specific to the following:  Public Employees Bond, Student Medical Malpractice and Student Professional Liability, Building 23 Property Insurance, Airport and Aircraft Insurance, and Daycare Insurance.  

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