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Workforce Development Student Expectations

It is the student’s responsibility to know and understand the WFD student expectations and guidelines listed below. Please review and contact the Workforce Development Eligibility staff if you have further questions.

Funding Expectations:

Students must qualify for WFD funding and services; which is determined by the WFD Eligibility office.

Due to specific grant and CPTC regulations, WFD Eligibility funds are never guaranteed.

Funding assistance is dependent upon availability of WFD funds and is determined on a quarter by quarter basis. Policies and processes are subject to change each quarter without notice.

WFD Eligibility staff will follow federal, state, and local policies for each grant and CPTC Student Aid & Scholarship guidelines regarding verification, need, follow through when determining funding requests.

Funding may be dependent on student’s FAFSA / WASFA award and need. All WFD eligible students will be required to complete the FAFSA or WASFA by the second quarter with WFD. If not completed, this may affect WFD funding.

All WFD students must be in good standing to receive WFD funding: must not be on financial aid suspension or in student loan default.

If a student withdraws or vanishes from classes, is placed on financial aid suspension, and/or in student loan default, WFD Eligibility funds submitted for the student will be returned to the WFD funding source.

Students who are blocked from registering for classes due to college overage charges must pay for their charge out of pocket, such as library fines, daycare fines, etc.

Bookstore accounts and reimbursement requests will be determined by the WFD Eligibility staff within grant regulations, and the actual funding will be awarded and disbursed through Student Aid & Scholarship office.

Requests for books/tools/kits/supplies/reimbursements are to be requested and submitted for the current quarter. All requests from previous and/or future quarters will not be awarded.

Book requests are for required books only. Tools/Kits/Supplies requests are for pre-approved items only.

WFD students are required to submit their syllabus and/or tool list signed by their instructor when requesting tools, kits, and uniforms. Students may utilize the CPTC bookstore website to retrieve a list of required books. • BFET students will not receive funding assistance for items purchased prior to requesting a reimbursement.

Students may be required to submit receipts for services when requested.

WFD may not pay for classes that are not listed on the student’s Educational Plan.

WFD does not guarantee that they will cover the cost of tuition for repeated classes if already paid for by WFD.

Not following these funding programs and not submitting requested receipts may result in disqualification from the WFD Eligibility Programs, may no longer be eligible for any WFD funding assistance, and/or possible repayment of funds; which will be determined through a case staffing between student and WFD Eligibility Programs Manager and/or Director of Workforce Development.

Academic Planning:

Students are responsible for their academic success. They are expected to participate in all actual hours/online classes each week.

Students are expected to follow their Education Plan. It is their responsibility to consult Advising or WFD Counselor to ensure that they are on track to complete their program.

Students must notify the WFD Eligibility office if they add or drop classes at any time throughout the quarter; which can increase or decrease their WFD funding requests.

Students are to understand that they may be vanished or withdrawn from their classes due to low attendance, and this may affect receiving financial aid at CPTC for future quarters; also possible financial aid suspension and/or student loan default.

If students need to withdraw from classes, it is their responsibility to officially withdraw through Enrollment Services by the College’s posted deadlines, and follow all Student Aid & Scholarship and Enrollment Services specific requirements of the withdrawal process.

Students are to understand that they are required to make satisfactory academic progress (per Student Aid & Scholarship guidelines) and to maintain a 2.0 GPA or higher; grades may also be determined by each program’s specific academic requirements.

If students do not make satisfactory academic progress or maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA this may affect future funding assistance through WFD.

Students will need to activate their CPTC student email; which is one of the main mode of communication through the WFD Eligibility Office and other CPTC departments.

Worker- Retraining Grant specific:

Worker Retraining funding assistance is generally awarded for one quarter; it is the student’s responsibility to identify alternate funding sources for subsequent quarters. Contact the WFD Eligibility staff each quarter to see if you may qualify for additional assistance; which will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Opportunity Grant specific:

To be eligible for Opportunity Grant (OG), students must be a Washington resident for a period of one year or more, OG funding may be available up to 45 college credits in a student’s lifetime to be met within 3 consecutive years, enrolled in an OG eligible program of study, verification of income, and have financial need based off FAFSA/WASFA.

BFET Grant specific:

The goal for completing a training program is employment.

BFET students are expected to graduate from CPTC with a Certificate or Associate Degree, and attest that they will be capable of working 20 hours a week within one year of enrollment in the BFET program.

BFET funding source does not do tuition reversals.

BFET students must be eligible and on the approved BFET caseload before they will receive any WFD funding assistance.

BFET students must agree to submit monthly progress reports with EJAS number included. Submission of monthly progress reports to include their EJAS ID number can be via monthly progress forms, email messages, verbal notice, or instructor feedback. If they fail to do so for two consecutive months, they will be automatically closed from the BFET program and no longer considered a WFD participant.

WorkFirst specific:

WorkFirst does not do tuition reversals. • WorkFirst students are required to leave a message at 253-589-4340 to report all absences and late submission of weekly progress forms.

WorkFirst student absences will be reported to DSHS whether excused or unexcused.

Weekly Progress Forms are to be submitted by each Friday until the end of the quarter: 
Building 16: Room 105; faxed to 253-589-5709; or via email to

If WorkFirst students fail to turn in their Progress Form every week without notifying WFD Eligibility staff, an immediate notification of non-participation may be reported to their DSHS Case Manager; which may result in a Refer Back with a Good Cause Hearing, case staffing, and/or possible sanction of their benefits.

WorkFirst students who falsifying hours on their progress forms may be an immediate Refer Back to my DSHS Case Manager. They may be required to re-submit their weekly progress forms reporting correct hours.

Appeal Process:

WFD students may submit an appeal for decisions determined through all WFD Eligibility policies by providing supporting documentation to have their status reviewed by the WFD Eligibility Programs Manager or Director of Workforce Development for final decision.

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