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Workforce Development Academic Policy

Workforce Development Eligibility (WFD) office will follow Clover Park Technical College Academic Standards for each funding source as well as additional local guidelines listed in this policy.

Academic Standard

CPTC Attendance Policy:

Students are expected to attend all classes they are registered in order to gain the maximum benefits. The instructor may establish an attendance policy for their programs. It is the responsibility of the student to know and comply with these policy. A student who does not attend the first two class sessions and/or comply with the established attendance policy for the class or program may forfeit the right to continue and may be subject to administrative withdrawal. At any time throughout the quarter, students may receive Vanish grades if they fail to attend their classes. Any student who receives Vanish grades, withdraw from classes, and/or fail their courses will need to follow up with Student Aid & Scholarship office to verify that they are still in good standing with the College’s SAP policies. (CPTC Student Handbook)

All WFD students are required to attend and participate in all actual seat hour classes, online classes, and registered off-campus activities, and must be making progress towards program completion.

WFD student are required to inform the WFD staff when they change their quarterly registration schedules in order to update funding requests and document changes appropriately.

Students who are on financial aid suspension, in student loan default with the Department of Education, and/or financially owe CPTC may be added to the WFD Eligibility caseload; however, they will not receive any funding assistance until the above mentioned stipulations have been cleared.

WorkFirst students are required to submit weekly progress forms to verify weekly participation hours for DSHS. If WorkFirst students do not turn in weekly progress forms and/or are absent too many days throughout the quarter, they may be referred back to their DSHS caseworker for non-compliance of their required participation activity. Any WorkFirst student who is referred back will not be re-added to the caseload through the remainder of the quarter, and their school hours will then be monitored by their DSHS caseworkers. WorkFirst students will be required to complete a quarterly intake to be added on the caseload again for the next quarter. WorkFirst students who are referred back will not receive further funding assistance until they are added back on to the WFD caseload.

Basic Food Employment and Training (BFET) students are required to submit monthly progress forms. If students do not turn in monthly progress forms, they may be closed out for non-compliance with the WFD Eligibility Office. Any student who is closed out will remain so through the remainder of the quarter. BFET student will need to complete a quarterly intake to be added on the caseload again for the next quarter. No BFET funding is available for students who are not currently on the BFET caseload.

Appeal Process: 

WFD students may request an appeal for decisions determined through Academic policy by providing supporting documentation to have their status reviewed by the WFD Eligibility Programs Manager or Director of Workforce Development for final decision.

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