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Student Email

5.22 Student Email
Year Adopted


Clover Park Technical College (CPTC) provides e‐mail accounts to students as a tool for sharing important College information.

E‐mail is an official mechanism of communication within CPTC. The College reserves the right to send official communications to the College e‐mail address assigned to all students. The College expects that every student will receive e‐mail at his or her CPTC address and the student will read their e‐mail on a frequent and consistent basis.

Students have the responsibility to recognize that certain communications may be urgent and require immediate attention. A student’s failure to receive and read College communications in a timely manner does not absolve that student from knowing and complying with the content of such communications.

Students may elect to redirect (auto‐forward) e‐mail sent to the College e‐mail address. Students who redirect e‐mail from their official College e‐mail address to another address do so at their own risk. The College is not responsible for the handling of e‐mail by outside service providers. If e‐mail is lost as a result of forwarding, it does not absolve the student of the responsibilities associated with communication sent to the official College e‐mail address.


Students who are provided CPTC e-mail accounts will follow this process and procedures:

  1. Student Identification number (SID) is assigned at time of admission.
  2. An e-mail will be sent to the student’s personal e-mail account within 24-36 hours (not including weekends) with directions of how to activate CPTC e-mail account.
  3. Students must activate CPTC e-mail account from a personal computer or at the CPTC Library.
  4. Students may redirect (auto-forward) e-mail sent to their CPTC e-mail address. Directions to do so can be found on the web at
  5. Students who do not have access to e-mail at home may use college computers at the Learning Resource Center (Library) or other student-use computers on campus.
  6. Assistance in activating student e-mail account and how to use student e-mail is available through IT technicians at the computer lab of the Learning Resource Center.

Faculty can gain ready access to student CPTC e-mail addresses by signing in to Instructor Briefcase and clicking on class rosters.

Staff and faculty who would like to send a global e-mail to all CPTC students will follow this process and procedures:

  1. Any submission for the use of the all-student distribution list should be sent to the designated E-mail Committee one week in advance of the desired send date. The E-mail Committee will make the decision to allow it based on the following criteria:
    • Must be global in nature, i.e. affects all or most students
    • Must be concise and focus on major events or deadlines
    • Use links to refer to more information or calendar of events
    • Cannot be served by a smaller more specific distribution list
    • The E-Mail committee will vet the message primarily for content and criteria.
  2. After approval is granted, a designated sender will proofread the e-mail and assure approved format is used. The e-mail will be posted using the appropriate sender address and contact information of the area requesting the email, e.g. Financial Aid message would appear to come from the Financial Aid Director.
  3. Approved format options for emails to students include the following:
    • Body text Option #1 – Georgia Regular 12pt
    • Body text Option #2– Arial 12 pt
    • HEADING 2 – Tahoma Book 18pt
    • Heading 3 – Tahoma 12pt
    • Bullet points, black
    • Font color, black
    • No background images
  4. In the event of an on campus emergency or event that necessitates a timely warning, CPTC’s team of five emergency contacts have the ability to send a message via the student email system without getting approval from the email committee. All other safety related emails required by federal regulations will go through the stated approval process.