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CARES Act Funding FAQs

CARES Act funding applications are closed and the funding has been exhausted. 

Q: Am I eligible for CARES Act funds?
A: Enrolled fall quarter students, who have not received CARES Act in fall quarter, and who have been impacted by COVID could potentially qualify for the CARES Act funding.

Q: What are the types of expenses covered by CARES Act funding?
A: Emergency expenses incurred due to disruptions in your educational environment including but not limited to: tuition and fees, food costs, housing costs, program required books and tool kits, technology needs, travel, child care expenses, or additional medical costs due to COVID-19. Please note that tuition is a prioritized expense.

Q: How much funding will I receive?
A: Funding amounts will vary based on student requests and funding availability, the maximum award amount is $2,000.00.

Q: Can I use CARES Act funds to pay for my tuition and fees?
A: Yes, CARES Act funds can be used to pay tuition and fees. Additionally, there are other resources available to assist you with these expenses through the Workforce Development Department. Please visit for more information.

Q: How long before I know if I am awarded CARES Act Funding?
A: You can expect to receive notification from a CPTC staff member within 2 business days after you apply.

Q: Are international students eligible for CARES Act funding?
A: Yes.

Q: Are Northwest Career and Technical High School and Adult High School students eligible for CARES Act funding?
A: Yes.

Q: Are Adult Basic Education students eligible for CARES Act funding?
A: Yes.

Q: Am I eligible for CARES Act funding if all of my Fall 2020 courses are being delivered online?
A: Yes.

Q: How will I receive the funds if I am awarded?
A: Funds will be disbursed through your preferred method of disbursement (Bank Mobile, Direct Deposit, or paper check).

Q: If I am a TANF or SNAP benefits recipient, will CARES Act Funding be counted as income against my benefits?
A: No. These emergency funds are excluded.

Q: Are there other resources that can help me if I’m not eligible for CARES Act funding?
A: Yes. If you apply for CARES Act funding and are determined not to be eligible, you will be contacted by a CPTC staff member who can provide you with information on additional resources. You can also visit these sites for additional resources: Workforce Development Funding and supports:    CPTC Scholarships:

Q: Do you have IRS questions regarding CARES Act?
A: Read the

pdf document to help answer IRS Questions. 

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