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Chapter 2 Section 18 Stipends

Year Adopted: 2003
Revised: 2004, 2006


To manage stipend compensation to ensure compliance with State ethics laws, and to continue to promote good morale at the College.


Stipend: a sum of money paid allotted on a predetermined basis for a specific purpose.

Signed Policy


  1. Stipend compensation for administrators (exempt staff) will be managed as follows:
    1. Administrative (exempt) staff is eligible to receive stipend compensation from the College. These additional monies will be paid to an employee who is temporarily assigned responsibilities of a higher level position or other significant duties not part of the employee’s regular job description.
    2. All stipends will be approved by Cabinet.
  2. Stipends for union represented employees are managed and administered under the guidelines and directives set forth in their individual Collective Bargaining Agreements.

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