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Chapter 3 Section 7 Print Management

Year Adopted: 2018
Revised: 2018


A cost effective and efficient print service is provided to meet the College’s business needs;

  • To reduce the volume of printed and photocopied material where this is without detriment to operational requirements of the institution
  • To reduce spending on printing and copying through providing a centralized print management solution that will track and monitor costs and build awareness amongst students and employees.
  • To limit local print devices that have a higher cost-per-copy output.

This policy is written in accordance with RCW 43.19.742 and WAC 200-380.


1) CPTC staff, faculty and students and other authorized users of CPTC information technology, including print output devices must:

  • Limit the publication, printing and storage of hard copy documents and presume that information should be provided and retained in an electronic form, when permitted by law, and consistent with applicable records retention requirements;
  • Identify and use, as much as possible, alternatives to printing such as increased use of collaborative software and other cloud computing tools to distribute, store and edit documents online, when permitted by law;
  • Use paper containing the maximum recycled content consistent with the manufacturer’s recommendation for the print output device;
  • Purchase recycled paper from contracted Purchase Agreements, and e. use sleep modes for print output devices when they are not in use during the workday.

2) Clover Park Technical College has deployed a print management system to capture, track and manage print/copy services across both campuses. Weekly/monthly/quarterly reports are provided to administrative staff to assist them in these efforts. In addition, usage reports also serve as invoices for outside lessors of Clover Park Technical College facilities.

3) CPTC seeks to optimize the number and types of print devices to reduce printing and associated costs. In support of this effort:

  • Purchases of new personal printers, standalone copiers, scanners and fax machines are prohibited unless an exception is granted. A waiver may be requested for the following reasons:
         I. An accommodation has been approved through Human Resources;
         II. If there is no other reasonable access to a network printing device; or III. The request is to replace an existing network printer with a new printer of equal function.
  • The Director of Information Technology, along with the employee’s supervisor, will review and evaluate the exception request.

4) CPTC has implemented a Pay-For-Print service which creates an account for each student using their student id card. Students may add funds to their print accounts via a deposit kiosk in the library lab, or pay for redeemable print cards at the cashier’s office. Student print access will be centralized in the campus library. Cash refunds or print credits shall not be granted for failed printing transactions.

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