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Chapter 33 FAQs

Find out more about your Chapter 33 benefits.

How do I know what tier I will be in for chapter 33?

Tier is based on length of active duty time since Sept. 10, 2001 as determined by VA during application process.

What does chapter 33 cover?

Chapter 33 covers tuition and fees based on appropriate tier as determined by VA at the time of application. Tuition and fees are payable directly to the school. BAH and book stipend are payable to the student based on the same criteria.

How do I claim chapter 33? Does it automatically switch over when my chapter 30 runs out?

Application must be made for chapter 33. Generally remaining entitlement under another chapter becomes chapter 33 benefit. If benefit is exhausted, veterans can receive an additional 12 months under chapter 33 if applicable. You must fill out an application to receive chapter 33 benefits; they do not automatically switch over.

Why do I have a chapter 33 VA registration hold?

Tuition and fees have to be reported to the VA once priority registration is over. A hold is then placed on your record to prevent adding or dropping classes prior to letting our office know so we can report your schedule changes to the VA.