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Grant/Contract/Special Project Application Review

3.17 Grant/Contract/Special Project Application Review
Year Adopted


All grant/contract/special project applications or proposals will be reviewed by the appropriate parties, as indicated in the procedures, prior to submission for the consideration of a grantor. Grant/contract/special project application review is necessary to assure congruence with the college’s mission, goals and strategic plan, the availability of budget authority with regard to college resources, and quality control for consistency and content of all applications and proposals.



The purpose of this procedure is to carry out the college’s grant/Contract/Special Project Application policy.


Grant/contract/special project- A project that is funded outside of the state base allocation or an agreement with other parties/agencies to provide special services.

Budget development process- The yearly exercise undertaken to allocate college resources through departmental requests.

Budget narrative- A format to report the plan for expending grant/contract/special project funds which includes both the description and dollar amount for each expense.

Routing form- A form prepared for attachment to all grant/contract special project applications and proposals. The form contains the name of the project, the grantor and the individuals who must review the application.

Grant/contract/special project cover sheet- A form prepared for inclusion in a grant review packet. The form contains areas to be completed which include justification of the purpose of the grant/contract or special project, consistency with the college’s mission and goals, and plans for the use of both material and human resources.


Grant/contract/special project proposals fall into one of three categories. 1) one time projects under $50,000, and/or with no staff, no required space and no required hard dollar match. 2) one time grants/contracts/special projects greater than $50,000 and/or with new staff, with required space, and with a required hard dollar match 3) annual operating grants and special projects.

Category 1 proposals require one week lead time for routing. A narrative budget and cover sheet are required for submission. The routing is as follows:

Department Vice President: 2 days

Finance & Budget: 1 day

President 2 days

Return to Originator for submission to grantor or changes


Category 2 proposals will be submitted through the appropriate Vice President for Cabinet review. These projects also require the submission of a cover sheet and narrative budget. The cover sheet contains the project justification, a plan for the use of resources, both human and material, and an explanation of the proposals consistency with the college’s mission and goals. One month lead time is required for these proposals. Route as follows:

Department Vice President review: 2 weeks

Finance & Budget: 2 weeks

Signature of President

Return to Originator for submission to grantor or changes

Category 3 proposals (annual operating grants and special projects) may include but are not limited to: Perkins, Worker Retraining, WorkFirst, etc. These proposals are submitted and approved through the annual budget development process rather than through the processes described above.

The budget narrative and cover sheet are both self explanatory forms. If you require assistance with the completion of either form, the Budget Services staff are available. The Payroll Office can be of assistance with specific salary and benefit information. It is recommended that proposal originators use e-mail for transmitting grant packages to appropriate staff. It is also recommended that the project proposal be submitted to the Office of Grant Development for review of consistency of content and format and quality prior to routing.

At the completion of the routing cycle, the originator will deliver or mail the proposal. A complete copy of the package is forwarded to the office of Budget Services. Upon receipt of project approval or denial, a copy of the notification is also forward to Budget Services for assignment of codes, etc.