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Cell Phones

3.24 Cell Phones
Year Adopted
2016, 2017


The use of cell phones can offer convenience and efficiency for College employees having legitimate business needs for this technology, and the College will follow procedures which provide for their cost-effective utilization. The College will issue cell phones or pay a cell phone stipend in certain instances in accordance with its cell phone procedure.

Signed Policy


The need for a cell phone is determined by the nature of each employee’s job functions. In order to ensure that the appropriate employees have a cell phone, the following general test is applied to each individual situation:

  • Is substantial time in travel status to support various system groups required, or
  • Does the employee need to be available to be contacted anytime due to a critical function that they support (such as being on the emergency contact team), or
  • Does the employee need to be accessed anywhere, even while away from their regular duty station?

If any of the above three tests are met and the employee wouldn’t otherwise have a cell phone or does not want to use their personal phone for college business, the college will provide either a stipend to purchase a cell phone plan or a separate phone. In general, the stipend and cell phone provided are not intended to carry data plans; they are for voice and text communications only.

Requesting a Stipend or Cell Phone

The employee must complete the college-provided Cell Phone or Service Plan Allowance Request form, which must be signed by their supervisor and Vice President. The form is then submitted to the Vice President for Finance and Administration, or the President in their absence, for final approval.

Vice Presidents are expected to review their division annually during budget development for employees who have stipends or college-provided cell phones to ensure that each individual’s employment situation hasn’t changed since the stipend or phone was awarded. When an employee no longer meets the criteria for having a stipend or phone, it will be removed.

Requirements of Stipend and Cell Phone Holders

Each employee who is paid a stipend or who is provided a cell phone must:

  • Demonstrate the business need of a phone in performing their duties,
  • Include the cell phone number in internal college directories and it should be included on the employee’s business card,
  • Agree to keep the cell phone turned on and in their possession in order to receive calls,
  • Agree to make their phone available for public records requests for numbers called and text messages sent and received, and
  • If provided with a phone, to protect it from damage and to immediately report any damage to their supervisor and to the Finance Department.

Each Vice President should identify cell phone needs in their area of responsibility at least annually in order to determine whether stipends and/or college-provided phones should be maintained, changed or discontinued. Monthly usage and business necessity should be reviewed regularly.

CPTC drivers must observe the requirements of applicable laws and ordinances regarding the use of cell phones while driving.

Signed Procedure