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Foster Youth

Since 2008 Clover Park Technical College has partnered with the Department of Social and Health Services and the Washington Student Achievement Council to identify and support students who are in or recently aged out of the foster care system in the State of Washington.

We are able to support this population as they pursue their degree or certificate through the following ways:

Solid Start Youth Club

The college, in an effort to better support this group of students has created a club called Solid Start Youth Club. This club offers:

  • College Advising
  • Career Advising
  • Assistance with Financial Aid Resources
  • Community and National Resource Information
  • Budgeting
  • Goal Setting
  • Peer Support
  • Club Website
  • Lending Library
  • Emergency Grant

Please contact the Counseling and Advising Office to get more information at 253-589-5548.

Passport to College Promise Scholarship

The Passport Scholarship provides a funding and support to students who have been in foster care and are at least 16 years or older. They must also have spent at least one year in care, be a resident of Washington, enrolled in half-time at an eligible institution by age 21, and not yet achieved a bachelors degree

To apply, stop by the Counseling and Advising Office to complete the application.

Educational Training Voucher

ETV is for students who are younger than 21 and making progress towards their degree. It helps provide students with additional financial support.

For more information check out this web page:

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