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Chapter 6 Section 23 Workplace and Campus Violence

Year Adopted: 2009
Revised: 2009


I. Policy

The College is committed to maintain an environment that is free from all acts or threats of violence perpetrated by or against employees, students or members of the public.

II. Definitions

Workplace and campus violence is any physical assault, threatening or intimidating behavior, or verbal abuse occurring in the college setting. Some examples of workplace and campus violence include:

  • Verbal threats to inflict bodily harm, including vague or covert threats.
  • Verbal harassment; abusive or offensive language or gestures.
  • Disorderly conduct, such as shouting in a hostile manner, throwing objects, punching walls, or slamming doors.
  • Direct violent actions, such as fighting or destruction of property.

II. General Rules

While on College property or while conducting College business at other locations, each employee, student or individual is prohibited from subjecting any employee, student or individual (including oneself) to any violence or threat of violence.

Violent action on College property or facilities, or while on College business, will not be tolerated or ignored. Individuals who engage in violent or threatening behavior may be:

  • Removed from the premises;
  • Subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal or expulsion; and/or,
  • Subject to arrest and criminal prosecution.


II. Procedure

A. Application

This policy covers all persons:

  • On College property;
  • At College-sponsored events;
  • Acting as a College student off campus (such as student internship, conference, etc.); or,
  • Conducting official College business or representing Clover Park Technical College off campus.

B. Reporting of Threats

Immediate Threat:

Any person who perceives an immediate threat of bodily harm should:

  • Contact 911 immediately, giving a description of the person making the threat and the location or last known location of the person making the threat.
  • Disengage and evacuate the area, if it is safe to do so.
  • Notify the manager/dean/supervisor, College Security Department, and Human Resources.
  • Do whatever is reasonable to keep other employees from potential harm.

Not an Immediate Threat:

  • Record and provide descriptions of all behaviors, statements, and inappropriate actions that relate to the threatening behavior.
  • If the perpetrator is a Clover Park Technical College employee, immediately notify your supervisor and the Human Resources office.
  • If the perpetrator is a Clover Park Technical College student, contact Campus Security and/or Student Services.

If the perpetrator is not known to be a College employee or student, a report should be made to College Security Department.

The complainant and/or recipient of the report must complete an Incident Report form (electronic form available on the CPTC Intranet; paper copies available in Human Resources, College Security Department, and division offices), and file it with the College Security Department. Incidents involving suspected criminal activity should always be referred to the College Security Department for assessment and/or investigation.

C. Responsibilities Regarding Workplace and Campus Violence

All Employees:

  • Shall refrain from workplace and campus violence.
  • Are encouraged to seek assistance to resolve personal and professional issues that may lead to violence.
  • Must report incidents of workplace and campus violence to 911, law enforcement, manager/dean/supervisor, College Security Department, and/or Human Resources, as appropriate.


The manager/dean/supervisor responsible for the area where the incident occurred is responsible for gathering relevant information and completing and submitting an Incident Report Form to report the incident to the College Security Department.

Human Resources/College Security:

The Human Resources Office and/or the College Security Department is/are responsible for promptly investigating the incident and recommending appropriate action.

Executive Responsibilities:

The College will respond promptly upon any indication of a possible violent situation or self-harm situation, subject to established College policies and procedures and contractual agreements.

D. Unfounded Reporting

Repeated unfounded complaints of workplace or campus violence may constitute misconduct or employee abuse.

E. Additional Information and Remedies

For possible legal remedies outside the scope of this Policy and Procedure, employees and students may wish to consult the following laws:

Orders for victim protection generally include the following types of court orders:

  • Anti-harassment Order
  • Protection Order
  • No Contact Order
  • Restraining Order

An employee or student who obtains an order which appears likely to affect College property or personnel should immediately provide a copy to the College Security Department.

IV. Consequences of Workplace or Campus Violence

Persons who engage in workplace or campus violence are subject to expulsion, criminal prosecution, suspension, discipline, termination of employment, and/or restriction of future access to campus. Other action taken against violators may include mediation, referral to the College’s employee assistance program, or counseling. Depending on the circumstances, College management may request law enforcement personnel to remove from the premises any person(s) who engage in workplace or campus violence.

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