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Chapter 3 Section 27 Use of College Equipment Off-Site

Year Adopted: 2012
Revised: 2017, 2020


College-owned equipment may be used off-site for official college business or sponsored activities, provided proper authorization is received and related policies followed such as 2.5 Ethical Conduct, 3.9 Information and Communication Acceptable Use, and 3.10 Accounting for Fixed Assets. This policy excludes the use of college vehicles, equipment checked-out from the library, and the use of support staff during paid work periods for ancillary preparation activities.


  1. Prior approval:  Before removing College-owned equipment or property from a College facility, an employee or student must obtain prior written approval from a College administrator designated by the Vice President for Finance and Administration. This is done through an Authorization for Temporary Equipment Form signed by both the remover and the administrator which is returned to the Finance Office. The approval may be for use for a specified time period or at a specified location, and may be conditioned on the user’s demonstrated knowledge of how to properly operate the equipment and their completion of the proper form.
  2. Restrictions on use: The employee or student who removes the equipment or other property must assure that it is:
    1. used in compliance with the state Ethics Law (RCW Chap. 42.52, and applicable College rules and policies and procedures, including 2.5 Ethical Conduct, 3.9 Information and Communication Resources Acceptable Use and 3.10 Accounting for Fixed Assets;

    2. used only by the authorized employee or student and only for legitimate college work or business;

    3. used according to the applicable instructions and/or operations manual; and

    4. reasonably safeguarded from loss or damage.

  3. Liability: The College may require proof of insurance coverage, or a deposit or other security, to try to protect against loss. The employee or student who removes the equipment or other property (1) must return it for inventory control when so requested and (2) may be held responsible for any repair or replacement which is due to his/her negligence or misuse.

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