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Chapter 2 Section 28 Teleworking Policy and Procedure

Year Adopted: 2016
Revised: 2016


Clover Park Technical College strives to be an employer of choice in the South Puget Sound region. As such, the College recognizes that alternative work schedules can provide a unique benefit to both employees and the college, including: increased employee productivity and job satisfaction, reduced commuting to and from work, and accommodating workplace space constraints.

Clover Park Technical College provides an opportunity for employees and/or supervisors to request telework assignments. These assignments may be:

  • Occasional: on specific dates specified by the employee and agreed to by the supervisor.
  • Regular: on a regular basis (e.g., every Wednesday).

Telework assignments should have a specified end date and must be evaluated for renewal on a quarterly basis. They are intended to be a benefit to the employee, however, the employer reserves the right to revoke such an agreement at any time. 

Signed Policy


To request telework assignment, the employee must make a request to his or her supervisor. The supervisor and the employee should discuss the feasibility of an alternative work schedule by considering the following:

  • Employee eligibility: has the employee passed his or her probationary period? Are there any concerns with the employee’s work performance?
  • Department operations: will the proposed telework agreement negatively impact departmental operations in any way? What work processes or practices will need to change if the telework agreement is approved?
  • Evaluating work: is there a reasonable method for the supervisor to evaluate the employee’s work? How will this happen (when, how, etc.)? How will the employee be held accountable for work products?
  • Communication: how will the employee communicate with customers, co-workers, and his or her supervisor? How will the employee and supervisor ensure the communication is timely?
  • Meetings: how will the employee arrange to participate in typically in-person meetings? Will this be effective?
  • Disruptions: how will the employee minimize disruptions at the telework site?
  • Length of commitment: how long will this agreement last? How often will it be evaluated?
  • Equipment and security: what will the employee need in terms of equipment, supplies, etc. at the telework site? How will it be kept secure? Does the employee work with confidential information? How will that be kept secure?

If such an arrangement is determined to be feasible, the employee and supervisor must complete the Telework Assignment Work Plan and the Employee Telework Agreement, sign both documents, and route to Human Resources prior to the appropriate Direct Report for final approval. A copy of the agreement will be placed in the employee’s personnel file in the Human Resources office. 

Signed Procedure File

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