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Chapter 3 Section 31 Supplier Diversity Inclusion

Year Adopted: 2017


In accordance with RCW 39.19.060; Clover Park Technical College is committed to maximizing opportunities for certified minority and women owned businesses to contract with the college for the procurement of goods and services. Clover Park Technical College is dedicated to ensuring these certified businesses are given maximum practicable opportunity to directly and meaningfully participate and that access to procurement opportunities is fair and equitable.


The Vice President for Finance and Administration is responsible for managing the Supplier Diversity Strategic Initiative and its content. The Vice President delegates implementation, monitoring and reporting under the plan to the Purchasing Coordinator.

The College will take a strategic, pro-active approach in soliciting Minority and Women Owned Firms’ participation in procurement activities including but not limited to the following:

1. Consistent use of WEBS for competitive solicitations that include request for quote, request for proposal as well as formal invitation to bid. If no certified MBE or WBE firms are identified for a specific commodity or service, Clover Park Technical College will check OMWBE website or contact OMWBE directly.

2. The College may exercise independently those powers to purchase from alternative (besides GA) contracts to increase opportunities for certified MWBE’s to do business with the college (RCW 28B.10.029)

3. The Purchasing Department through training will encourage departments to use the MOWBE site ( and ) when procuring goods and services.

4. Through College approved Policy, MWBE certified firms will be given preference when all other criteria are equal.

The Purchasing Coordinator will provide as-needed training to department employees with the responsibility for procurement and contracting regarding the appropriate implementation measures for each applicable outreach strategy. The Director of Budget and Finance, in collaboration with the Purchasing Coordinator, will provide as-needed training to Budget and Finance staff regarding input of data for vendor records to include verification of federal tax identification number in order to track MWBE firms.

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