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Chapter 6 Section 16 Staff Use of Force

Year Adopted: 1992
Revised: 2017


An instructor or other school personnel may use reasonable force in a moderate manner to correct or restrain a student.


College employees have the authority to use only that force reasonable and necessary to assume control of a situation. Control may be achieved through advice, warning, persuasion, and/or physical force. Reasonable and necessary physical force may be appropriate to protect themselves or others from imminent physical harm, such as in the following circumstances:

  1. To detain an individual when a serious risk of injury places the employee or others at risk of injury or harm; or
  2. To detain an individual when a misdemeanor breach of the peace or felony has been committed and the employee has probable cause to believe that the person being detained has committed it; or
  3. When an employee makes a citizen’s arrest and is delivering that person to a public officer competent to receive him or her into custody; or
  4. To prevent a malicious trespass; or
  5. To prevent a malicious interference with real or personal property.

When an employee is required to use force, he or she should immediately contact Campus Security.

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