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Chapter 1 Section 7 Shared Governance

Year Adopted: 2014
Revised: 2014


Clover Park Technical College involves students, faculty, staff, and administrators in discussion related to decisions of importance to the institution through the shared governance structure.

Definition of Shared Governance: Shared governance at Clover Park Technical College is the set of practices that provide opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and administrators to be informed of and have input into decisions that affect them.

The values that guide shared governance include:

  • Mutual respect and trust
  • Diversity of thought.
  • Informed and inclusive decision-making
  • Transparency and clarity of operations and decision-making
  • Open lines of communication
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration

Shared governance occurs through three primary avenues of engagement: (a) individual involvement, (b) committee and constituent group participation, and (c) an inclusive organizational structure.


College Committees 

A. Application:

This Procedure applies to all standing committees which are designated in the list under part B to: (1) have one or more ongoing purposes, and, (2) have at least five members, and (3) have indefinite duration (no specified termination), excluding the groups in part D.

B. Listing:

On behalf of the Office of the President, the College Assembly shall compile, maintain and publish a list of all standing College committees.

C. Committee Descriptions:

The list shall state for each standing committee:

  1. Its general purpose(s);
  2. How members are selected;
  3. How the chair is selected, and the identity of the current chair;
  4. Its regular meeting date, time, and location;
  5. Where agendas, minutes, and other records of its meetings are kept.

D. Exclusions:

This Procedure does not apply to:

  1. Temporary committees or task forces (those with a specified termination);
  2. Groups of employees who all report to the chair (staff meetings, President’s Cabinet, etc.);
  3. Groups which are created by and/or subject to collective bargaining agreements; or
  4. Tenure and hiring/search committees whose work consists primarily of discussion of personnel matters which are generally deemed to be confidential.

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