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Chapter 6 Section 7 Security Cameras

Year Adopted: 2018
Revised: 2018


Clover Park Technical College employs cameras for various purposes to include crime deterrence, to assist security in improving safety on campus property, and to provide evidence in support of policy infractions and crimes.

Signs are posted indicating that cameras are in use. Recorded images may be viewed by authorized individuals, but are not actively monitored.

This policy does not apply to legitimate academic use of video cameras for instructional or research purposes. 


The Vice President for Finance and Administration will approve all proposed camera placements for appropriateness and effectiveness.

Security cameras will be in plain view and signs announcing their use posted. Images captured through camera recordings will generally be considered transitory in nature and will be stored only for the length of time available on the server and then deleted. Copies may be made and retained if needed for official investigations or other purposes detailed in the policy.

Recorded images will be viewed only by individuals authorized by the Vice President for Finance and Administration. Images may be shared with law enforcement as appropriate.

Security cameras are used for official business only. Any other use is strictly forbidden. Any use for illegal or unofficial use may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

Security cameras are prohibited in any restroom, public or private, changing area or shower. 

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