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Chapter 2 Section 19 Sabbatical Leave

Year Adopted: 2004
Revised: 2006


To benefit the college and its students by providing staff with opportunities for study, research, and creative activities for the enhancement of the institution’s instructional and research programs.

Signed Policy


Sabbatical Leave will allow eligible professionals an extended period of time free from normal contractual obligations in order to pursue legitimate professional goals. This purpose is consistent with the provisions of RCW 28B.10.650 as they now exist or are hereafter amended and with this college’s commitment to the professional development of its employees. Appropriate uses of sabbatical leave would include formal study, travel, work experience in one’s area, or any other activity which would contribute substantially to the improvement of the employees’ abilities or benefit to the college.


This policy is not meant to be restrictive but rather inclusive. Therefore, exceptions to this policy may be made by the president and the Board of Trustees on a case-by-case basis. Sabbatical leave, as it relates to members of the Clover Park Technical College faculty, is outlined in the Clover Park Federation of Teachers, Local 3913 Collective Bargaining Agreement. Sabbatical leave, as it relates to classified employees at Clover Park Technical College, is outlined in the Clover Park Federation of Classified Employees, Local 4789, Collective Bargaining Agreement. Sabbatical leave, as it relates to maintenance and custodial employees at Clover Park Technical College, is outlined in the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 286, Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Application Procedures:

An application for sabbatical leave will include reasons for requesting the leave and a detailed sabbatical leave plan, which must be submitted to the president. Sabbatical leave requests shall be submitted no fewer than 90 days prior to the beginning of the requested leave.

When the President grants a sabbatical leave, the recipient shall sign a contract with the college specifying:

  1. The length of sabbatical leave
  2. A commitment to perform according to the approved sabbatical leave plan
  3. That the recipient will return to employment at the college for a period at least commensurate with the amount of leave granted. Failure to comply with this provision shall constitute an obligation of the recipient to repay to the college any remuneration received from the college during the leave.
  4. That the recipient will submit a written report to the President and Board of Trustees within 60 days upon returning from leave summarizing the work completed during the sabbatical leave and describing how the new knowledge will be used.

Non-compliance with the above terms of the leave contract will be dealt with according to RCW​ 28B.10.650.

Employees Rights:

The time spent on sabbatical leave shall be recognized as equivalent to time spent as a full-time employee of the college.

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