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Chapter 5 Section 19 Running Start Fee Waiver

Year Adopted: 2022


Pursuant to RCW 28A.600.310 (3)(a) The institutions of higher education must make available fee waivers for low income Running Start students. A student shall be considered low income and eligible for a fee waiver upon proof that the student is currently qualified to receive free or reduced-price lunch. Acceptable documentation of low income status may also include, but is not limited to, documentation that a student has been deemed eligible for free or reduced-price lunches in the last five years, or other criteria established in the institution's procedure.


1. The Running Start Counselor/Advisor or designee will review the documentation and approve fee waiver at time of initial advising or thereafter for family financial changes. Running Start students should not be asked to fill out the FAFSA to establish eligibility.

Acceptable documentation may include:

  • A student has been deemed eligible for free or reduced-price lunches in the last five years
  • Family income of equal to or less than 50 percent of the state median
  • Family income less than 200 percent of the federal poverty level
  • Receiving any state or federal assistance funds
  • Foster youth

The term "mandatory fees" does not apply to all charges assessed by colleges. As noted in previous AAG guidance, charges for "consumable supplies, textbooks, and other materials retained by the student" are not within the definition of fees and therefore not subject to the mandatory low income waiver provisions.

2. Eligibility for free or reduced-price lunch must be one qualifying status.
3. Running Start students receiving a waiver will be identified by student group SRSL in ctcLink.

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