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Chapter 3 Section 29 Reimbursement for Meals When Not on Overnight Travel

Year Adopted: 2013
Revised: 2017, 2018


There are limited situations in which meals incurred by employees who are not on overnight travel status may be reimbursed. In such instances, reimbursement will be on an actual cost basis as evidenced by a receipt (including tax and customary gratuity) up to the applicable maximum per meal entitlement amount in OFM 10.90.10. For such meals to be authorized, the employee must be conducting official business for the College; generally at the request of the College and at a location other than the employee's official work station.

These types of allowable meals fall into three categories: 1) the eleven-hour rule, 2) meals with meetings, and 3) emergency situations. When reimbursed for these types of meals, employees are encouraged to consult with IRS guidelines as to the taxation of these meal payments.

The College seeks full compliance with the most current guidelines published in the Office of Financial Management (OFM) policy and procedure manuals. 


Reimbursement for meals while the employee is not on overnight travel status will be allowed under the following circumstances: 

A. The Eleven-Hour Rule: SAAM 10.40.50

  1. The traveler must be in travel status for at least eleven hours to be eligible.
  2. The traveler must be in travel status during the entire meal period, as defined by college policy. 
  3. The traveler may not stop for a meal just to meet the eleven-hour rule.

Meal reimbursements provided under the eleven-hour rule are considered taxable benefits and will be included with the employee's next available payroll. 

B. Meals with Meetings: OFM 70.15.10

  1. The purpose of the meeting must be to conduct official College business or to provide training to College employees, and
  2. The meals are an integral part of the business meeting or training session, and
  3. The meeting or training session takes place away from the employee's regular workplace, and
  4. For meetings held for internal college participants, the meeting or training must be scheduled to last a minimum of four hours.
  5. The President or authorized designee must approve payment for the meal in advance of the meeting, using the Meals with Meetings form.
  6. Even if a meeting seems otherwise eligible per the requirements above, reimbursement is still prohibited for:
    (a) Anniversaries of the College, receptions for new, existing, and/or retiring employees, election celebrations, etc., and
    (b) Any “hosting” or lobbying activities. See OFM 70.15.20 for more details.
  7. Documentation using Meals With Meetings Form must include a meeting agenda which lists the meal as a working part of the meeting.

C. Emergency Situations:

  1. When the President or authorized designee determines that an employee performing critical College functions must remain at their work station, meals may be provided to the extent necessary for them to perform their emergency duties. 
  2. By the nature of this situation, preauthorization is not possible so the only documentation necessary is for the President or designee to sign the employee's expense reimbursement voucher (A-19).

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