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Chapter 3 Section 21 Records Retention

Year Adopted: 1992
Revised: 2016, 2019


Washington state law requires that all state records are retained, stored, archived and disposed of appropriately after their business use is completed, in accordance with schedules approved by the state records committee. The College utilizes the services of the State Records Center for storage and destruction. Each office and department has primary responsibility for the proper and legal management of all records in their custody. All College employees must review and familiarize themselves with the established record retention schedules and with procedures specific to their responsibilities to ensure compliance with all relevant laws.


New employees, as a part of new employee orientation, will need to complete CPTC's internal "Records Management" training. At least every 36 months, all employees who prepare, use, or retain records relating to business conducted by CPTC must complete CPTC's internal "Records Management" training. 

Additionally, in order to send records to the State Records Center, employees must complete "Using the State Records Center" training. 

Visit the College website under records management for resources. 

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