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Chapter 4 Section 12 Professional Technical Teaching Faculty Qualifications Standards Policy

Year Adopted: 2002
Revised: 2004,2019


It is the policy of Clover Park Technical College that all professional technical teaching personnel, as a condition of employment, obtain and maintain appropriate vocational certification levels).


Clover Park Technical College will meet or exceed the minimum qualifications outlined for the hiring and certifying of professional personnel in technical teaching personnel in technical teaching personnel found in WAC 131-6-070 through WAC 131-16-095.

In addition to the general standards required by WAC 131-16-080, the district board of trustees shall establish that candidates for appointment meet or exceed the following standards in their areas of specialization:

1.Teaching personnel.

A. Professional teaching personnel performing services for which advanced degrees are commonly available shall hold the equivalent of a master's degree in the field of their educational service from an accredited college or university or a bachelor's degree and professional expertise in the field of their educational service; or

B. Professional teaching personnel in professional-technical fields for which bachelor's or master's degrees are not commonly available shall be particularly qualified to provide instruction in their area of specialization as demonstrated by possession of the following:

  1. Sufficient broad and comprehensive training;
  2. Industry recognized certification when available; and
  3. Two years relevant work experience and/or relevant, current teaching experience that particularly qualifies them to provide instruction in their area of specialization.

C. In extraordinary cases, the requirements in (a) and (b) of this subsection may be waived by the college president. For personnel under waiver, a professional development plan must be developed to meet criteria under (a) or (b) of this subsection. This plan must be completed during the initial certification process.

D. Part-time professional-technical teaching personnel must meet minimum qualifications as defined by (a), (b), or (c) of this subsection and have verification on file. This record must be on file for each part-time instructor during each quarter of teaching employment.

2.Other instructional personnel.

All other professional-technical instructional personnel, including teachers' aides, lab assistants, and tutors, who do not meet the work experience and educational requirements specified above, may be employed either on a full-time or part-time basis. Such individuals shall possess appropriate technical skills and knowledge in the specific program area assigned; and such individuals shall work under the direct supervision of, or in direct coordination with, an appropriately qualified professional. Each college district shall maintain job descriptions for each position in this category.

Maintaining and improving competencies.

Upon hire, qualified and contracted full-time professional-technical faculty will (in accordance with WAC 131-16-092):

A. Be certified with an initial certification that specifies the function and/or specific occupational area for which they are certified.

B. The faculty and their supervisor will develop a professional development plan in accordance with Clover Park Technical College's Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

C. Within three {3) years, the full-time faculty member must complete the requirements of the initial certification and attain standard certification for continued employment. Standard certificates must be renewed every five (5) years.

Part-time professional-technical instructors who have worked at least a two-thirds full work­ load schedule for three quarters must also complete the initial certificate requirements within three years and attain a standard certification.

All other part-time faculty must be assessed as to their ability to provide student instruction, supervise learning environments and implement curriculum, outcomes, and assessments.All faculty must the required qualifications outlined in both WAC 131-16-092 and the CBA.

These include, but are not limited to a current first-aid and CPR certificate for those who qualify, bloodborne pathogens training, safety and occupational health practices as set down by OSHA and WISHA (referenced in WAC 296-800-00 to 296-800-370) and other qualifications outlines in Clover Park Policies, state and federal law.

Some faculty may have other standards and qualifications based upon the program and industry standards that govern the profession in which they teach.

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