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Chapter 6 Section 24 Posting of Printed and Other Graphic Materials

Year Adopted: 2013
Revised: 2013


Postings of printed and other graphic materials on College property must comply with appropriate standards and procedures.


A. General rule: 

Printed and other graphic materials (“materials”) shall be posted on (affixed to) College property only in accordance with this Procedure.

B. Prohibited postings: 

Except as otherwise specifically provided below, there shall be no posting of materials which:

  1. constitute or promote harassment or discrimination on any unlawful basis;
  2. defame any person or group;
  3. incite any act of violence or otherwise encourage unlawful behavior;
  4. encourage the viewer to participate in a commercial transaction which does not serve a College purpose;
  5. constitute or contain false advertising;
  6. promote consumption of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs;
  7. include profane language;
  8. include explicit sexual content or innuendo, or are obscene;
  9. promote or oppose a political party or candidate or a ballot proposition; or
  10. are otherwise unlawful.

C. Permissible persons and materials:

  1. Persons: Only College students or employees may post materials on College property, except as provided in G below.
  2. Materials: Only materials which are part of the mission, functions, and/or business of the College may be posted on College property, except as otherwise provided in parts D, E, or G.
  3. No “public” postings: The College chooses not to allow postings on its property either by other persons or of other materials, except (a) for postings under G below and (b) the President may make a specific exception for compelling legal or other reasons.

D. Permissible locations: 

Materials shall be posted only on bulletin boards designated or approved for the particular type of posting by the College officer primarily responsible for Facilities, or her/his designee, except that:

  1. an approval under part F below may allow an alternative posting location for good cause, such as when the material’s size or other nature (e.g., a banner) does not suitably fit on a bulletin board;
  2. an instructor or other designated employee may post information relating to instruction in or immediately outside of a classroom or in other space controlled by the instructional program;
  3. an employee may post, in the immediate vicinity of his/her workstation, materials of personal interest which are not inconsistent with College functions and are not prohibited by part B;
  4. a supervisor or College officer may approve postings in areas under her/his direct authority of materials that are decorative or relate to the functioning of that office, except that any posting on a window requires approval by the College officer primarily responsible for Facilities; and
  5. a union’s authorized officer may post on its designated bulletin board in the College mailroom material related to the administration of its collective bargaining agreement.

E. Permissible postings: 

In addition to the postings authorized by parts C and D, the following types of materials may be posted after approval under part F:

  1. items and services for sale by students;
  2. housing available to students;
  3. educational opportunities;
  4. volunteer opportunities;
  5. community events and observances;
  6. fundraising events that benefit the College, a College organization, or the College foundation;
  7. postings relating to a conference center or facility-rental event;
  8. public service postings provided by government agencies; and
  9. other postings of similar nature which clearly and directly further the College’s mission.​

F. Approvals:

  1. By whom: Except for postings under D.2, D.3, D.4, D.5, or G, all postings must be approved beforehand as being both permissible and not prohibited under the criteria above, and be stamped or otherwise designated as having received such approval, as follows:
    1. Building 23 & ASG bulletin boards: Postings in, on, or immediately adjacent to Building 23 (student center/ conference center) and postings on bulletin boards elsewhere that are owned by the Associated Student Government require approval only by the College employee primarily responsible for student activities, or his/her designee, subject to possible review under b below.
    2. All postings: The College officer primarily responsible for Facilities, or her/his designee, must approve all other postings on College property, and also may disapprove a posting under subpart a above.
  2. Additional conditions: The persons who approve postings may implement reasonable additional conditions for approval of postings in addition to the applicable criteria in parts C, D, and E above, such as size, number, and/or frequency restrictions, identification of the posting person/organization, and appropriate compliance with College branding standards. These additional conditions shall be consistently applied to all postings of similar nature, to the extent feasible.
  3. Duration: Unless otherwise stated, approval of a posting shall be for not longer than two weeks or the occurrence of the event that is its subject, whichever comes first.
  4. Timing and review of approval decisions: Approval decisions shall be made as promptly as possible, and shall be subject to review by the College President upon request.

G. Designated public bulletin board(s):

  1. Designation: The College officer primarily responsible for Facilities shall designate at least one bulletin board on the College campus, in a location that is ordinarily accessible during business hours to all or most employees and students, upon which any person who is lawfully on campus may post materials.
  2. Restrictions: This College officer may prescribe evenly-applied restrictions on the time, place, and manner of postings on this designated public bulletin board, if these restrictions are (a) narrowly tailored to serve a compelling College interest and (b) content-neutral, i.e., the restrictions are justified without reference to the content (subject matter and viewpoint) of the postings. If restrictions are appropriate under (a) and (b), it does not matter if they are also similar to other criteria and conditions under this Procedure.

H. Removal, property damage, compliance:

  1. Removal: The posting person and organization are jointly and separately responsible for prompt removal of the posting when the approval or any time limitation has expired (see F.3 and G.2).
  2. Damage: Postings shall be done so as not to damage College property. In the event of any damage, the posting person and organization shall be jointly and separately responsible for the cost of repair.
  3. Compliance: Custodial staff and other designated employees may remove and either store or destroy postings which do not comply with criteria, conditions, or restrictions under this Procedure. Anyone who repeatedly violates this Procedure may have her/his posting privilege suspended, in addition to any other appropriate action.

I. Precedence:

This Policy and Procedure supersedes any other Policy and Procedure on these subjects.

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