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Chapter 3 Section 30 Official Mass Email Communications Policy

Year Adopted: 2016
Revised: 2016, 2019


Clover Park Technical College provides e-mail accounts to employees as a tool for sharing important College information. It is an official mechanism of communication at CPTC and it is expected that email communications should be received and read by all employees.

All faculty/staff members have the responsibility to recognize that certain communications may be urgent and require immediate attention. An employee's failure to receive and read College communications in a timely manner does not absolve them from knowing and comply with the content of such communications.


This procedure does not preclude the right of an employee to use the college email system to communicate freely with all members of the same employee group outside the All Faculty & Staff email distribution.

Authorities, Ownership and Responsibilities

Employees are assigned to email membership lists based on their current employment (e.g., faculty, classified, exempt, hourly, etc.).  Email membership lists are managed by the Information Technology Department; however, requests to send communications to mass email membership lists must be routed to the appropriate office for approval.   

Request for Mass Email Communication Routing Procedures

  • Requests for approval of mass email communications should be directed to the Public Information Officer at 253-589-6048 or or through your respective vice president’s office, depending on the nature of the communication.
  • In order to conduct the business of the College, employees serving as president or vice presidents shall have authority to send mass email communications.  They may also designate employees with access to send mass emails if the benefits of access with respect to immediacy of communication, universal distribution, and significance of content for the fulfillment of the College’s mission substantially outweigh the burdens associated with delayed distribution of the message. The list of designees will be approved and managed by the Direct Reports.
  • In approving a mass email communication, the appropriate college officers shall consider whether coordination or consultation with the College’s public information and communications office is prudent or desired to ensure mass emails are aligned with other communications on topics that may be planned by other college entities.
  • Bear in mind that a request may not be honored if it does not meet the requirements specified above. The College President or his/her designee and Vice Presidents and his/her designee may make exceptions to this procedure, if in the respective officer’s judgment the benefits of a mass email communication with respect to immediacy of communication, universal distribution, and significance of content for the fulfillment of the College’s mission, substantially outweigh the costs and/or burdens associated with distribution of the mass electronic mailing.


Alternative forms of campus-wide communications are available and encouraged.

  • The staff/faculty intranet ( Features a blog and discussion board for sharing work-related messages or announcements.
  • Campus Event Calendar ( Share an upcoming college-related event with the Campus Information Office at Events submitted must be affiliated with the College. Approved events are posted on the campus event calendar on the public website.

Campus News ( Share ideas for a story with the Public Information Office by emailing

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